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Updated by Hamish Hayward on Feb 04, 2017
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How To Use A Halogen Oven

What can a halogen oven do for you and what's the best way to use it? You'll be surprised at how versatile these inexpensive ovens are. they cook healthy food quickly - and, most important of all, it tastes great!


Top Tips for Cooking with your Halogen Oven

TOP TIP: Halogens are great to grill meat or roast meat, allowing the juices and fat to drain away. You don't want a pool of fat in the bottom of your halogen so place a baking tray or a layer of tin foil on the base.

Sarah Flower - Using your halogen oven

How to use your Halogen Oven If you are new to halogen ovens, this may help you. Choosing the right machine for you There are many different halogen ovens on the market, but they are basically all the same machine. The two main variations are size of bowl and whether your lid is on a hinge.

Halogen Cooker Hints and Tips

Take care of your element If you have the type of Halogen cooker with a lid that needs to be taken completely off and you are not very confident about lifting it gently and placing on the somewhat flimsy lid-stands provided, especially as they are prone to go skidding around the worktop, a handy hint - use the grill tray rack from your ordinary cooker!

How I fell in love with halogen ovens

I've been writing about food and cookery for a million years, and have always been interested in new ways of cooking, because, well, because I'm a guy. And most guys like innovations, and gadgets. Pathetic, I know. But at least the gadgets I like have a practical use: I use them to cook for friends and family.

Saving Time At Home

I’m always looking for ways to cut down on the amount of time that I spend on housework – so, if you think about it, it’s only natural to start in the kitchen. Most of us eat three square meals a deal, so even if you’re not all that domesticated in other ways, you’re going to spend quite a high percentage of your “chore” time in kitchen.

Halogen Oven Cooking

You may have seen halogen ovens advertised on TV, but it’s quite possible that you aren’t fully aware of the benefits which they offer.