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How to Use cPanel Beginners Guide

cPanel is a control panel for your hosting account and how you access all your website hosting features. While cPanel is primarily designed for technical users, knowing how it works is very useful for anyone that manages a website.
By learning just a few controls, you can quickly fix minor website issues yourself and save a lot of time or money.
Almost 90% of hosting companies are now using cPanel. RSH Web Services offer affordable plans that are tailored to meet your needs, whether you are running a small business or an enterprise

wordpress-manager | cPanel Forums

We have a WordPress website that was originally created and installed with the cPanel site software. over a year ago it had updated itself just fine but since the move to the new WordPress manager, it will not update.

backups | cPanel Forums

I have set up a Google Drive additional destination for backups. Setup went fine and everything worked. However, I only really need to backup one specific account/domain from my WHM to Google Drive. For all the other accounts, the built-in backups are fine. Is there a way to do this?

remote mysql | cPanel Forums

How can we get rid of the the Remote MySQL icon and link in cpanel when we use jupiter? We do not allow remote mysql. Was no problem getting rid of all icons and links in cpanel interface we did not need, in paper lantern, but how can we do it in jupiter?

Email Filters and Spam Assassin | cPanel Forums

On the newer version if I create an email filter that checks the 'Spam Bar' for '+' it doesn't work because Spam Assassin hasn't assigned a score to the email headers at the time the filter checks.

Spam Filters

A spam filter is a program used to detect unsolicited, unwanted and virus-infected emails and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox.

Dynamic DNS | cPanel Forums

Hoping someone can guide me on a simple request. I have a CPanel VPS. I currently have several "A" records pointing to different locations...

Dynamic DNS

This interface allows you manage your network devices without the need to constantly update the settings when ever the IP address changes.

WordPress Toolkit and WordPress Manager Softaculous Conflicts? | cPanel Forums

I recently gave access to cPanel for my Developer. Even though I explicitly asked that he use WordPress Toolkit, he decided to use WordPress Manager from Softaculous

awstats | cPanel Forums

Awstats not showing any results for SSL version of website. All of a sudden, we have noticed that, awstats stops logging for SSL version and start logging for non-ssl for accounts. One of our customers has reported the issue and when I checked all our servers have the same problem.

Current Raw Access Logs | cPanel Forums

Can somebody tell me why my "Current Raw Access Logs" don't update in real-time during a whole day? I'm doing tests on my own website but can't see the results in my logs until the next day or until the archive log file have been processed after 24 hours.

bandwidth | cPanel Forums

Is it possible to exclude bandwidth data and access logs from the backup process when running the Live Transfer to move accounts to a new website? They aren't needed in our case so it will only slow down the backup and restore process since we have hundreds of accounts to move.

SSH to see website's error logs | cPanel Forums

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but can someone please tell me the correct SSH command to view a website's error logs? This feature displays up to 300 of the most recent entries in Apaches error logs for your web pages, in reverse chronological order. For further information see the Documentation Page

How-to: Troubleshoot MySQL most common issues on a cPanel server | cPanel Forums

I am putting together some MySQL troubleshooting tips that may help you troubleshoot your MySQL most common issues on your cPanel server.
There are two cPanel tools that allow creating MySQL Databases: MySQL Databases menu and this MySQL Database Wizard.

MultiPHP INI Editor Server Setting Not Working | cPanel Forums

I am setting the default PHP settings in WHM using MultiPHP INI Editor however when creating new cpanel accounts and also existing accounts the PHP.ini files do not change and do not default to the WHM MultiPHP INI Editor settings.
PHP INI Editor: Php.ini is a configuration file that, through some directives, allows you to manage important variables for the functioning of applications written in PHP.

Troubleshoot SSL-Related Issues | cPanel & WHM Documentation

This document outlines some common SSL-related issues and how you can troubleshoot and resolve them. For more information about SSL, read our Guide to SSL TLS Status documentation.

Addon Domain Problems.... | cPanel Forums

I have done a search through the forums for a solution to my problem and have found lotsa other people with a similar problem. I am simply trying to create addon domains for a client. Both domains he wants are pointed and propagated to my namerservers.
Addon Domains cPanel feature allows you to control multiple domains from a single account.

Directory Privacy do not work properly with Force HTTPS redirection

When connecting to a page that uses cPanel >> Directory Privacy the Force HTTPS redirection doesn't work until after the user enters the credentials.
In order to keep everything secure, including the transmission of credentials, these pages should also properly follow https redirection.
The Directory Privacy feature allows you to protect specific directories in your cPanel hosting account files.

SSL is installed but can't send encrypted emails | cPanel Forums

Hello guys, I have a Cpanel WHM. I installed SSL for exim and dovecot services. I have a wordpress site and I want to send secured emails to users.
The cPanel encryption interface allows you to create, manage and save GnuPG keys. GnuPG keys use the public key approach for encryption

Import Email account with CSV or XLS files | cPanel Forums

Import Email account with CSV or XLS files
I have problem at the last step the System say : An error occurred while processing your request.
The Address Importer interface allows you to use two types of files to create multiple email addresses or Forwarders for your account simultaneously.

Correct way to use Hotlink protection | cPanel Forums

What's the correct way to use hotlink protection. When we try and only protect downloadable files from being linked to (our own music files).
Hotlinking is known as the act of stealing someone's bandwidth by linking directly to your website content such as images or videos.

Install cPAddons Site Software | cPanel & WHM Documentation

This interface allows you to add and manage cPAddons, Site Software and vendors. cP Addons are applications that work with cPanel & WHM to perform functions for your users’ websites. Examples of these applications include bulletin boards, online shopping carts, and blogs.

How can I create a backup in cPanel

Introduction: As a precaution, making backups should be considered a routine activity.
Backup from cPanel: From a cPanel account, you can create a backup using the Backup Wizard.
Per our documentation, "The Backup Wizard interface allows you to back up all or part of your website, or to restore it from the most recent backup file."