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How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation to Japan

A safe and clean nation with a proud culture situated in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean, Japan is an island that beckons families to explore the natural beauty of the country, visit world-famous attractions, and be enthralled with entertainment and futuristic innovations. Though there are notable cultural differences in Japan, these make the experience even more unique and your family will cherish memories of your tour of Japan if it is planned with care.


When to visit Japan

Plan the duration of your stay in Japan, it is a long and narrow island with different landscapes attracting visitors looking for different experiences. If you are visiting Japan for the first time with your family, doing so in spring or autumn will be a good choice as cherry blossoms completely transform the island from the south to the north with spectacular blooms during spring and the mild weather draws many visitors from several Asia top hotels to witness these beautiful sights. Similarly in autumn, the multitude of parks in Japan become breathtakingly beautiful with the splendour of fall foliage earning the name Koyo. Summer and Winter seasons too are good times to visit Japan with its different natural beauty and climate, but a first-timers experience in the spring or autumn season is simply awesome.


How long you should stay

With such a lot to see and experience, a trip duration of two weeks is recommended. Many visitors such as those staying with Park Hotel Group tailor their trips to Japan based on interests, budget and inclination of what they want to do as a family, such as visiting two cities or focusing on specific attractions like Tokyo Disneyland, etc. Whether it is to cover the two main tourist hot spots, Tokyo and Kyoto or any other city in Japan, you are sure to explore different landscapes, busy metros, serene gardens,Buddhist temples and shrines making travelling around Japan an exciting adventure.

So plan what you like to see, and what your kids like to do before you decide on the duration of your stay.


Which cities to visit

Many cities in Japan provide a glimpse into the natural beauty and a unique way of life which is appealing to visitors. Read on for some insights into some of the main cities.

Tokyo, the busy capital city is a place with many attractions for a family such as the Shibuya crossing, the busiest intersection in the world, Tokyo Tower, Robot Restaurant and many more features. With its distinct glitzy outlook, the city also has a natural charm appreciated by visitors.

Kyoto is the old capital city of Japan with a rich history and culture. Apart from the beauty of the landscape, Kyoto is home to countless temples and shrines. The favourite sites are Golden Pavillion, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace and many others.

Osaka is a short 30-minute train ride from Kyoto and is an attraction for foodies. Known as Japan’s Kitchen, it is best to do a food tour in Osaka. Other attractions include Universal Studios, historical Osaka Castle, etc.

Hiroshima is a modern city at present, it was largely damaged during the second world war and hence has a colourful past. The Peace Museum is a good site to visit for your family members as is the Hiroshima Castle surrounded by a moat and a park.


Important things to know

The Japanese are a courteous and helpful population. Do observe their practices and return the courtesy when appropriate, such as bowing in acknowledgement. These are memorable observations and learning opportunities for your children.

Experiencing the hot wells or Onsens provides relaxation and soothes the body, however, before using an onsen, do learn about the basic onsen etiquette to ensure you don’t offend their culture.

A stay at a traditional Ryokan will be an enlightening experience for the whole family, to understand the customs that come along with such a stay such as using slippers and wearing the Yukata. If you are unfamiliar with the customs, be sure to ask at the property beforehand.

If you are intending to use chopsticks during meals, be aware of the etiquette for using them.

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