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Patient Included Events and Conferences

Annual Patient Conference [The Myositis Association]

In 1993, Betty Curry and a handful of patients formed an organization that is now celebrating its 20th anniversary as The Myositis Association. During these twenty years, there have been improvements in treatment for myositis, and the disease is now better understood. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve the ultimate goal - a cure.

TMA's Annual Patient Conference has also evolved during this time to include sessions focusing on alternative therapies, research developments, appropriate exercises, caregiver concerns, practical adaptations, maintaining fitness, and coping with the emotional challenges that accompany myositis.

Attendance at the Annual Conference now approaches 400 patients and their caregivers. If you have not yet attended TMA's Annual Patient Conference, you ought to consider being with us in Louisville this year. Not only will you hear from a broad range of health professionals, including TMA's 20-member Medical Advisory Board, but you will also gain valuable insights and knowledge from other patients who understand the challenges you are experiencing.
Registration pricepoint.= $245.00 for general registration [2013]


Healthcare is Changing, Take Control – Learn how to be
an Informed Consumer
Better Health: Everyone’s Responsibility is a first-of-its-kind patient engagement conference in Connecticut that will empower consumers to manage their health and engage in the healthcare system, and educate healthcare providers on how to more effectively communicate with their patients.

Registration price point $10, dinner an additional $25.

Doctors 2.0™ & You

An international congress devoted to the understanding of how physicians use New Technologies, Web 2.0 tools, Social Media to communicate with other health care professionals, patients, payers, pharmaceutical companies, public agencies…

Various pricepoints. General online registration = 550 €

Health Care Quality Summit Saskatchewan

We are a team of individuals with many different skills committed to helping Saskatchewan’s health system make care better and safer for the people of Saskatchewan.We were created by government in 2002, in response to a recommendation from Commissioner Ken Fyke in his report “Caring for Medicare: Sustaining a Quality System.” Saskatchewan was the first province in Canada to establish a Quality Council. Read our legislation, The Health Quality Council Act. Early on we consulted with health regions and providers about how we could best help them improve health care in Saskatchewan. At the time, it was tough selling a product – quality – that was difficult to describe. So we set out to learn where care was good and where we could do better.

Registration pricepoint currently not available

International Patient- and Family-Centered Care

IThe Conference showcases innovative health care programs that are dedicated to partnerships with patients and families to improve outcomes and enhance the quality and safety of health care. Presenters, from a variety of disciplines, share their experiences and accomplishments in advancing the practice of patient- and family-centered care. Many of the following are represented: Patient/Family-Health Care Provider Teams, Patient and Family Advisors and Leaders, Health Care Administrators and Managers, Health Care Practitioners, Integrative Health Care Practitioners, Stress Management and Mind-Body Specialists, Health Care Educators and Information Specialists, Child Life Specialists, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Faculty, Researchers, and Students in Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Education, Allied Health, and other related fields, Architects/Interior Designers, Health Care Planners, Policy Makers, and Government Agency Leaders, and Funders of Health Care Programs.

Our Community
One purpose of this website is to create an online community where administrative leaders, nurses, physicians and other care providers, health educators, architects and interior designers, patients and families, and others can share information and learn from one another.
Conference registration pricepoint is currently not available.

Medicine 2.0

The leading peer-reviewed annual conference for social media, mobile apps, and emerging technologies in health
To promote the science and practice of social media in medicine and health
Company Overview
Medicine 2.0 (R) is a conference series as well as a series of publications (podcasts, online publications) on social media and web 2.0 in health and medicine.
Various pricepoints. ePatient price =$495 [2013]

Parkinson's Disease Congress -

TOver fifty years ago, the Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders was established by the World Federation of Neurology to promote and monitor research developments, as well as to foster communication among neuroscientists in this field. Today, this association is an international, professional association of clinicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals who are interested in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease, secondary parkinsonisms, hyperkinetic and hypokinetic movement disorders, and more generally any disorder affecting muscle tone and motor control.

Various Registration price points. full registration = Euro 650;
Students/Trainees/Nurses/ Fellows/ Post- Docs/Residents/Allied health professionals * = Euros 400 [2013]

Patient and Family-Centred Care | KGH

Patient and Family-Centred Care: From Principles to Practice There is ample evidence that a patient- and family-centred approach to health care improves quality, increases safety, and enhances satisfaction for both those who receive care and those who provide it.
Kingston General Hospital hosted its first major conference on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10. The event brought together about 300 people from across the country, including patients, health-care providers and a broad range of health-care organizations. The event was a forum for sharing information on how health care providers have been embedding the patient voice into planning and decision-making activities to improve organizational culture and create a truly patient- and family-centred care environment.

Patient Experience Conference The Beryl Institute - Improving the Patient Experience
The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice and premier thought leader on improving the patient experience in healthcare. We define the patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

Registration pricepoint: $700-800
Patients in power | Patients conference

The Patients in Power Conference in November 2012 was the first in which patients were involved in all stages from the event concept, as co-organizers, speakers and audience. The Conference was a unique opportunity for patients and patient organizations across diseases to meet and discuss with the other “partners in healthcare” issues of concern to all.
The unanimous conclusion of the 1st venue was that patients support the values that govern the public character of the national healthcare system and that the conference constitutes an excellent forum where all "partners in healthcare" can meet to discuss issues of common interest. The participating patient organizations agreed that the conference offers an advocacy opportunity for problems common to patients of chronic diseases. Among the key findings of the conference were that patients and families lack information about their patient rights and their healthcare benefits and that there is total absence of patient involvement at all levels of healthcare policy planning, making, implementation and evaluation.

Registration pricepoint:generalfee: 250 € per delegate

Admission for Patients, Public Officers, Medical staff, Pharmacists, Academics and Students
after written confirmation and for limited number of participants: FREE

Table of 8 delegates: 1500 €

Personalized Healthcare Summit:

The time and need for personalized healthcare has come. Our rate of healthcare spending in the United States is unsustainable, especially given our low scores compared to other developed countries on measures of quality and access. We are not delivering the kind of care we want for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We need to do better, and one of the proposed solutions is to move from one-size-fits-all care to personalized care.

The 2013 Personalized Healthcare Summit is designed to explore the progression of personalized healthcare from concept to practice. The one and a half day summit will feature topics that highlight and explore new personalized healthcare discoveries with the potential to improve patient care. Participants will gain knowledge of tools to aid in the integration of personalized healthcare into clinical care. Through interactive discussion and collaboration, thoughts for the future of personalized healthcare will be discovered and developed.

Registration pricepoint currently not available.


REshape is a program set up by the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. Our aim is to fire up and grow a movement of people who believe the next decennium should be the era of the rising of self-empowered patients, in where we will embrace the patient, their family and informal care into the healthcare team : Patient as Partner like we like to call it in Nijmegen.
We nurture the movement by setting up conferences to exchange thoughts, visions and listen to each other. But also by doing research on the different aspects of participatory healthcare which helps to move forward. As a vehicle for the (needed) changes we are scouting, inventing and sharing innovations (inter) nationally to improve healthcare.

Registration pricepoint is currently not available

Stanford Medicine X

According to social media analytics firm Symplur, as a patient-centric healthcare IT conference, Medicine X "Sets the bar higher". Higher in terms of setting a new world record in engagement, social media discussions, and sustained conversations after the conference ended. Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The initiative explores how emerging technologies will advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. The “X” is meant to encourage thinking beyond numbers and trends—it represents the infinite possibilities for current and future information technologies to improve health. Under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Medicine X is a project of the Stanford AIM Lab.
General Registration pricepoint = $2448 [2013]




About TEDMED TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. So many of our great challenges in health and medicine are rooted in social and commercial causes as much as medicalTEDMED welcomes participation from a broad cross-section of society, both from within and outside the fields of medicine and technology.
Registration price point = $4950

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