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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Beach Wedding Checklist - Essentials to consider when planning your magical big day on alluring sands
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Beach Wedding Checklist - Essentials to consider when planning your magical big day on alluring sands

Turquoise waters, pristine sands and swaying palms — beach weddings sure do make for some of the most idyllic settings one could possibly wish for on their big day. As alluring and magical as they can be, a beach wedding also comes with a set of essentials that call for your thorough consideration.


Ensure the beach is easily accessible for everyone - getting to your beach should be no adventure

It is not at all impossible for a slice of breathtaking beach to enthrall you and blot out the factor of accessibility. While the beach of your choice should undoubtedly make for a stunning setting for your big day, keeping your guests’ convenience in mind is just as important. It is not only the accessibility for your guests that you should think about; transporting all the chairs, tables, food and whatnots to the venue should also not put an excessive strain on the people involved.


Spotlight the natural features of the beach - let the seaside scenery add its idyll to the scene

The choice of a beach wedding is all about making your big day as magical as it can be. So, let the turquoise blue waters, pristine white sand and swaying palms add their idyll to the scene and bring your wedding to life. The slice of beach that would play host to your ceremony would surely be breathtaking as it is, but a little touch of imagination and creativity could only bring it closer, if not, exceed the beach wedding of your dreams.


Go for the right beach wedding attire - lightweight dress that says ‘beach wedding’

It is your wedding day! You have all the right to go all in to dress fabulous. However, do keep in mind, you are also on the beach. So, going for an appropriate dress while still looking ravishing is paramount. Lightweight dresses and lightweight fabrics are high on the list as the most ideal, thanks to their airy feel that lets your body breathe under the scorching sun and makes for easy navigation on the beach.


Get the timing right - nail the perfect wedding ambience

As alluring as beach weddings can be, unlike a conventional indoor wedding, saying “I do” on pristine white sand and under swaying palms do have a whole lot more things to get right. Stay on top of weather reports; you would definitely want the weather to be on your side on your big day. So, if your wedding is planned to be on a public beach, you will want to avoid peak seasons and ensure you have enough privacy from strangers’ prying eyes.


Check on the requirement of a beach permit - better safe than sorry

Unless you are planning to host your indoor, outdoor, and beach weddings in Maldives on the private property of a hotel the likes of Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, it is totally worth your time to do some research and check on the requirement of a beach permit to avoid any troubling problems on your big day.

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