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Headline for 5 Iconic Spots to Watch the Sunset in the Maldives - Golden skies and boundless tranquillity, inviting you to unwind and
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5 Iconic Spots to Watch the Sunset in the Maldives - Golden skies and boundless tranquillity, inviting you to unwind and

The world-renowned azure waters and pristine white sands of the island nation of Maldives need no introduction whatsoever. Adding to this picture-postcard seaside scene is the gorgeous sunset, inviting you to unwind and wallow in the boundless tranquillity, feasting your eyes on the golden skies.


The stunning beaches

savour a slice of sun, sand and sea in the beach-blessed nation
If it weren’t for its scores of magnificent beaches, the Maldives would be nowhere near the tourist hotspot it is today. So, what better place to savour the gorgeous sunset than a slice of the island nation’s finest beaches. Lounge under swaying palms, sip on tropical cocktails and bask in the soothing sun until the tranquil sunset bids you farewell for a day well spent, letting yourself immerse in the delightful seaside ambience and relish the idyll around you to its fullest.


A lovely sunset cruise - sail the wide-open seas under the golden vault of heaven

As the sun begins to reach the horizon and the azure skies take a profusion of yellowish oranges, hop aboard a boat and set sail into the wide-open seas on a lovely sunset cruise. Treat your eyes to both the breathtaking sunset that dominates the sky as well as the complementing scenic seaside scenery that is all around you. Create and share lovely moments and memories as you meander the calm waters to make your trip to the Maldives truly memorable.


Aboard a booze boat - pleasurable indulgence on alluring waters

The Maldives, being an Islamic State that strictly abides by Sharia Law, isn't really a fan of booze. But off the coast of Maafushi, a line of moored “booze” boats invite foreign tourists for pleasurable indulgence on the alluring waters, which also make for an incredible spot to enjoy the comforting sunset that bestows upon the island nation of Maldives. Treat yourself to exquisite wines, cocktails and booze while enjoying the delightful and relaxing atmosphere.


A sandbar - untroubled tranquillity in tropical paradise

Those seeking more privacy and seclusion, a lovely sandbar picnic stands to offer the best sunset experience for you. Unwind on sugary white sand and gaze into the glowing horizon, wallowing in the untroubled tranquillity afforded by the seclusion of the archipelagic nation’s alluring sandbars. Add the complements of a gourmet picnic, and you have yourself a blissful experience under the golden Maldives sky, brimming with oodles of lovely and memorable moments. For an even more charming experience, treat yourself to a delightful dinner on a sandbar — undoubtedly one of the most romantic experiences you’d want to share with your loved one while holidaying at a property such as Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.


A charming sunset villa - luxurious tropical island basking

One of the best things to do near Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and undoubtedly a refreshing way to enjoy the sunset in the stunning island nation is treating yourself to a stay at a charming sunset villa. Feast your eyes on the breathtaking sunset while letting yourself indulge in luxurious tropical island basking.

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