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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Reasons to Gift Experiences Instead Of Stuff

Reasons to Gift Experiences Instead of Material Things - To create lasting memories!

Outside of the typical times associated with Christmas and Hanukkah, there are several occasions to give presents all throughout the year. What if, rather than giving presents of material goods, you gave the gift of experiences this year? Here are some reasons to convince you!


Experiences will never be out of style

No matter how trendy socks, shirts, ties and other articles of apparel are right now, at some point in the future, they will become outdated. Even technological advancements might become outdated. As things are advancing quite dramatically, by the time you purchase a new electronic device or smartphone, a more up-to-date one will be on the market. An experience that stays in one's mind for a long time will never be out of style!


Experiences are much more enjoyable than other presents 

The gift of an experience will always be more appreciated than receiving socks. Give the outdoor enthusiast what they need for either a ten-day visit to the Galapagos Islands or eight-day sailing journey that they would never forget. You may personalise the experience that you give to a loved one by tailoring it to something you already know they like doing, such as cycling, kayaking, yoga, hiking, or meditation. You can also check out Hunter Valley Spa packages the likes of Elysia Wellness Retreat for more affordable options.


Foster emotional connections

Psychologists investigate questions like "what makes humans tick" and "how does the brain function". The concept of hedonic adaptation originates in this area of research. This theory proposes that although receiving a physical gift first makes us pleased, that emotion eventually wanes as the present becomes ingrained in our routines and becomes part of our identity. No matter how thrilled you are to obtain something brand new, research shows that happiness levels drop as soon as it becomes part of your regular routine. On the other hand, gifts of experiences stand out from others. An experience is more likely to remain in our memory for a longer period of time.


Material presents are fleeting, but memories are timeless

Things like watches will eventually stop functioning, seams on clothing will come undone, and children will outgrow their toys. Memories just don't do that. Especially when they are shared with the people who are most important to you. Gifts of experiences become like pictures of a moment in time. They are far more valuable than anything that may be stored in a box. 


Nobody Needs More of Anything 

Perhaps you are familiar with the Japanese organising expert Marie Kondo. Her book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", which she published, has caused a sensation all over the globe since its release. People in every region of the world have started clearing the clutter from their homes, be it a single coffee cup or a sweater. By giving away experiences rather than material goods, you'll end up with more memories and much less clutter. Experiences are not placed on a shelf and then forgotten about. It is held on to forever! Create lasting memories for your loved ones this holiday.