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Free Online Courses

Starting learning for free with a wide range of free online courses covering different subjects.


Free Online Courses

Advance Your Career. Learn In-demand Skills
Starting learning for free with a wide range of free online courses covering different subjects.

Introduction to Quality Management

This free online Introduction to Quality Management course helps quality management professionals deliver excellent quality management and improve the day-to-day operations of businesses large and small. Quality management system regimes such as the ISO 9000 family have been implemented worldwide. With this course, you will learn how to successfully implement a quality management system in your business or organization.

Sustainability in Corporations and Businesses

Running a sustainable business is no longer only for niche markets. This course provides information to assist you in understanding what ‘sustainability in business’ means and how to start and maintain a sustainable business model. We describe building sustainable industries. By studying this course, you will find answers to questions such as ‘what is a sustainable way to treat natural resources?’ or ‘how do you become sustainable in business?’.

Procurement and Logistics Certificate

In partnership with Mercy Corps, DisasterReady developed a no-cost certificate program comprised of online courses, interactive scenarios, and a test covering best practices of procurement, warehousing, fleet management, and asset management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (Intermediate level)
In this course, we will discover that the origins of corporate social responsibility date back to antiquity, taking into account that the concept has changed over the years (It is of course, continually developing and evolving).

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

This free online course on the Internet of Things(IoT) will teach you about the extension of Internet connectivity to physical and electronic devices, and how it can be used to complete both complicated and menial tasks. IoT is growing in use, capability, and availability. Take this free online course today to gain a much stronger understanding of the IoT and how it can be used in your personal and professional life.

Introduction to Wind Energy

This free online course will introduce you to using the wind as energy. You will study the process by which wind is converted into electricity through an electrical generator and learn about windmills. Finally, delve into emerging designs to reduce the impact on birds. This material will give you a thorough grounding in the many benefits and challenges that come from wind energy.

Introduction to Python

Python Free Online Course
Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with NumPy.

Introduction to Data Science

This free Data Science course will help you understand the basics and how to become a Data Scientist in 2021. You will learn the top Python libraries for Data Science, some of the essential Data Science algorithms, and the top Data Science jobs, skills, and salary trends. Get all the information you need to embark upon your learning journey as a Data Science professional.

Digital Skills: Web Analytics

Web Analytics Free Course
Learn about the role of web analytics in business, the types of analytics and how to use different techniques.

ChatGPT for Customer Support Free Online Course

ChatGPT for Customer Support Free Online Course
Enrol in this free course now! Gain expert insights on leveraging ChatGPT to supercharge business customer support. Unlock limitless potential. Get started today!

ChatGPT for HR Free Course

Enrol in our free ChatGPT for HR course to learn how to leverage this generative AI technique for streamlined HR processes and improved employee experience. Discover how to leverage ChatGPT in HRM. Unlock AI's potential in HR.

ChatGPT for Beginners Free Course

ChatGPT for Beginners Free Course
Enrol in ChatGPT for beginners to learn about the latest generative AI technique. Learn from our experts about Content Generation, Prompt Ideas, Limitations and more. Enrol and equip yourself with in-demand knowledge and skill.

Blockchain Basics Free Online Course

Enroll now for a free course on Blockchain Basics and gain essential knowledge on decentralized technology. Equip yourself with the fundamental principles and terminologies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain

Product Manager Free Online Course

Learn product management from basics in this free online training. Product manager course is taught hands-on by experts. Learn evolution of product management and responsibilities of a product manager in details with example.

Free Online Course in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Enhance your career prospects with this free online course in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Learn how to effectively manage operational processes and the supply chain to create an efficient and cost-effective system.

Time and Stress Management - Free Online Course

Time and Stress Management Free Online Course
Learn how to manage your time and stress levels effectively with this free online course. Discover strategies and tools to help you become more productive and stay focused throughout the day.

Free Logistics and Supply Chain Courses

Unlock your potential with free logistics and supply chain courses. Learn new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and gain the knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Get started now.

Free Online Renewable Energy Courses

Learn about renewable energy at your own pace with free online courses. Discover different sources of renewable energy, and how you can implement them into your lifestyle. Get started today and make the planet a better place.

Free Online Business Administration Courses

Take your business to the next level with free online business management courses. Learn essential skills like marketing, customer service, finance, and more in one convenient online education platform. Find the course that's right for you and become a successful business leader today!