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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for 5 Sri Lanka Travel Tips for a Memorable Vacation - Blissful times in the idyllic teardrop island
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5 Sri Lanka Travel Tips for a Memorable Vacation - Blissful times in the idyllic teardrop island

Scenic beaches, scores of serene landscapes and pleasant weather all year-round — a holiday in beautiful Sri Lanka is sure to be full of bliss. Loading up on these travel tips could only make for an even more delightful and memorable vacation in the idyllic teardrop island of the Indian Ocean.


Don’t try to fit in too much - craft the perfect tropical island getaway

For a minuscule island nation, Sri Lanka has so much to offer; go down to the vibrant south, there’s a string of stunning beaches to feed your appetite for sun, sand and sea, and set out to the charming central highlands - the serene landscapes are sure to set your inner explorer free. With so many exciting things and places on offer, it wouldn’t be surprising if you are tempted to cram too much onto your itinerary, which could only end up describing your Sri Lankan experience as “exhausting”. So, prepare yourself to take it slow, and consider reaching out to a tour agency such as NKAR Travel House to craft your perfect tropical island getaway.


Savour the local cuisine - let your taste buds revel in the mouth-watering authentic tastes

Your trip to Sri Lanka would not be complete without getting a taste of the island nation’s authentic local cuisine. Steer clear of the gourmet buffet at your swanky resort and treat yourself to an assortment of mouth-watering traditional dishes and let your taste buds revel in the exotic blend of flavours. For a truly authentic experience, ditch the cutlery and embrace the local way of eating with your hands for a change.


Unleash the adventurer in you - get your fill of fun and thrills in the tropical island nation

Sri Lanka is brimming with opportunity for you to be adventurous on your island getaway. Beach bums and sun lovers can head down to the south, where there’s a plethora of thrilling water sports, from surfing and jet skiing to snorkelling and scuba diving. In the serene hill country, there are enough waterfalls, rivers, mountains and hiking and trekking trails to unleash the adventurer in you.


Don’t leave out Colombo - embark on a wonderful city tour of the heartland

The bustling business capital and located close to the country’s only international airport, Colombo is unfortunately only the gateway to the country for many tourists to the island nation, who more often than not, choose to head to another city right after arriving in Colombo. It is a pity that many decide to leave out Colombo as the vibrant metropolis has much to offer to make your holiday in Sri Lanka memorable.


Go on a wildlife safari - get up close and personal with fascinating tropical fauna

Those in search of ways to make your Sri Lanka holidays much more delightful, a wildlife safari could never go wrong. The Indian Ocean island nation is home to an incredible 22 national parks, inviting animal and nature lovers to get up close and personal with fascinating tropical fauna.

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