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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Ways to Style a Business Professional Dress into Different Outfits - Fashion Your Professional Look With These Ideas

If you have a job that requires you to dress in business-professional or business-casual attire, you may be all too familiar with the challenges that come with attempting to appear different every day. Here are some ideas that will make you look chic without having to break the bank!


Put on a sweater 

A sweater may not only change the overall appearance of an outfit (this is particularly true if the sweater is a different colour than the dress you are wearing), but it could also hide a significant amount of the dress. For instance, if you wear a standard sweater with a crewneck, you may cover the whole top of your dress with the sweater, so that the only portion of the dress which is visible is your skirt. Also, a lengthier cardigan that can be bought from online shops like Nils Store will completely change the look of a business dress. This is true whether the cardigan has a close fit and buttons across the front, or if it has a looser fit and drapes over the body. In addition, a lengthier cardigan may radically modify an appearance for the workplace if it is worn over dresses and belted in the centre. 


Pairing dresses with a blazer

It is possible to transform a dress into a whole new look by just donning a blazer over it. This is an excellent idea. For instance, sleeveless office dresses in Sri Lanka may be pulled off if you don a blazer over them, covering both your arms and shoulders for a professional look. This is because blazers are designed to be worn over dresses. If it's summer, you may want to cover yourself a little more at the workplace by wearing a blazer that's not too heavy. If you want to go for a more fitted style, wear it either open or fastened in the centre. 


Put on tights or leggings 

If your dress is quite short, you may make the dress appear to be a tunic by wearing leggings underneath it. When compared to what the dress might look like on its own when worn in heels, a dress that is coupled with leggings worn with boots or flats creates a style that is more relaxed. In addition, your legs will be thankful for the additional layer of warmth that it provides throughout the chilly winter months.


Style with a flannel shirt 

The addition of a plaid shirt to a dress may transform its look from businesslike to more relaxed. It is not necessary for it to be the conventional checked flannel either. A light blue or another colour that is comparable to it works equally well, and in some cases even better. 

If you wish to guarantee that you can continue wearing the same items of clothing over and over again while also reworking them into a variety of other ensembles, it is essential to make an investment in garments that are of high quality. Consider the fact that there is a solid reason why the mini-black dress is so popular. It is possible to pair it with almost any accessory, it looks good on anyone, and it has a high degree of versatility.


Styling a wide-legged pants 

Consider wearing a dress over your wide-legged pants and tying a belt around the midsection where the pants touch your waistline. This will give the appearance that the pants are part of the dress. Dresses that are longer than knee-length cannot be styled in this manner, but shorter dresses may be worn over trousers to create the appearance of a tunic.

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