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A Free Hiring Portal for Recruiters to post Unlimited Jobs and connect with Suitable Talents

JollyHires is the first geo-location based intelligent next-gen Job portal which connects talents with great nearby opportunities in quick, smart steps simplifying the hiring process for the Recruiters.

MyJobMyStory - Trailer | Extra-ordinary stories of Everyday Lives at work | JollyHires Inc.

"#MyJobMyStory campaign brings to you interesting stories from both sides of the fence- the #smallbusiness owners ( a.k.a #employers) with their share of hit and miss affairs while building their empire from scratch and on the other hand, stories from professionals/ #employees sharing their #experiencesatwork, challenges faced, lessons learned in their jobs, memories cherished...

US-based JollyHires App Aims to Revolutionize Hiring in India

JollyHires is among the best free job posting recruitment platform in India. We strive to provide the greatest hiring experience and assist you in quickly building your ideal team.

Post Unlimited Free Jobs And Build Your Desired Dream Team

JollyHires is an easy job posting app with video screening facility for the job providers to get best talent for the jobs.

JollyHires Inc. Next-Gen Job Search App | #ThinkJobs #ThinkJolly

JollyHires has given a makeover to the traditional job search method and devised a platform making it easier for Jobseekers to take a leap on their job search in fewer and quicker steps.

The Hidden Cost of Working in The Tech Industry That No One Talks About

The tech industry is often hailed as a beacon of innovation, good salary, lots of new posts, creativity, a non-traditional work environment, and an exciting career, which is why it attracts a lot of Millennials every year.  

Hiring & Mental Health – A Dysfunctional Relationship – MediumPublisher

Mental health is no longer a taboo topic around the world and mental health awareness is now on the rise like never before. But still, mental health in recruitment is very rarely spoken about.

Top 10 Emerging IT Companies of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is now a vast ocean with big sharks, and to be a part of this new changing world having a skill in IT such as knowing multiple computer languages, and designing is a must-have skill.

Having Trouble Managing Your New Boss? Read On! - JollyHires Inc.

Managing the new boss can be tricky, but here’s the fun part, they are manageable if you manage them the correct way! That's too much management in a sentence probably! 

The Talent Management Strategy

Talent is found within everyone and categorizing them accordingly while correctly making use of it, by/for the company, is known as The Talent Management Strategy.

“Run Like HeR”, JollyHires Celebrating Women’s Day the Jolly Way! - JollyHires Inc.

This women’s day, Jolly Hires made the decision to give ladies a gift that would last them for a lifetime rather than just a single day. The fun-filled networking event, “Run Like HeR Marathon”.

JollyHires: Revolutionizing the job market with the next-gen Job App for both – Modern Job Seekers and Employers alike

Job hunting has always been a daunting task. While job seekers struggle to find relevant jobs online, ask for recommendations, create profiles on every job portal after filling out lengthy forms, and send countless resumes without receiving a response, recruiters struggle to find the right candidate from hundreds of resumes that look just the same.

“RunLike HeR” marathon by JollyHires was all about celebrating the real essence of women’s day!

Finishing a Marathon is not just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible. And the HR women proved that by participating in RUN LIKE HeR marathon, organized by JollyHires on Women’s Day.

Remote Work, Office Work or A Hybrid of Both? Which Is Better? - JollyHires Inc.

The benefits of working from home became more widely understood among employees during the pandemic. They came to understand that it facilitated the maintenance of a good work-life balance and provided a degree of comfort and flexibility that is lacking in the typical office setting.

7 Super Creative Ways To Enhance Your Job Search - JollyHires Inc.

At times, it can also be a tedious task and might require a lot of research, patience, and perseverance for a job search.

Need Cover Letter Tips? We’ve got you Covered! - JollyHires Inc.

After an interview, you should send professional, concise emails as a follow-up. You could leave a good impression on the recruiters and have them remember you favorably.

How to Choose Best Job When You Have Too Many Choices

There are numerous opportunities available for job seekers today, unlike during the Great Depression or pre-L.P.G. era in India.

Job Hunting Made Easy: Uncovering Local Jobs Near Me for A Successful Career

Landing to your dream job might be as far away as placing your phone inside your pocket. Find local jobs now!

The Dynamic World of I.T. Industry: Navigating Trends and Future Prospects

I.T. industry is changing swiftly! To stay competitive, job holders and job providers must be ready to embrace the new trends.

Navigating the Job Market in India: Discover Opportunities on the Map

In today's compеtitivе job and еmploymеnt markеt, finding jobs which arе suitablе for a studеnt, or a job seeker can bе a challеnging task.

Top Free Job Seeking Apps in India 2023

In today's digital еra, job seekers in India havе an array of job sееking apps at thеir fingеrtips, rеvolutionizing thе procеss of finding еmploymеn

Fast-Track Your Career: 7 Strategies for Rapid Professional Growth

Professional development includes various courses, programs, certifications, and training related to your career goals. Once you unlock these crucial steps, then it’s time to apply the same in your job. That is how your journey for professional advancement begins.

Mastering the Art of Hiring: 6 Essential Advice for Employers

For hiring the best talent in your organization, your recruiters must showcase first that their company is the best for employees. Read now for more details!

Top Job Trends Shaping the Future of IT Industry - JollyHires Inc.

The era of rapid technological advancements has brought forth unprecedented change and progress in the IT industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Streamlining Your Hiring Process - Read Us More

In today's competitive job market, hiring the right candidates for your company can be a daunting task. Read on to get more information!