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D2 is Pakistan's video marketplace, where sellers and buyers buy and sell products and services through video, reducing the risk of product and service fraud. Buy products and services all in a single platform, just a click away.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Specifications and Price Available on MyD2App

Want to know about the future, Price & Specification of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G? Read this blog from MyD2App, Pakistan's Video Commerce & E-Commerce Marketplace.

Upcoming Watch Trend for 2023 - MyD2App

Looking for the hottest new Smart watch trends to complete your outfit? Check out our website for colors, style & material for smart watches!

5 Reasons You Need a Smartwatch in 2023 - MyD2App

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly widely used and are becoming a staple in the world of daily wearables. These intelligent devices are gradually replacing traditional analog watches for the majority of watch wearers because of their broad-ranging capabilities and utility.

Buy Best Wireless Earbuds Online in Pakistan 2023

Buy Best True Wireless Earbuds Online in Pakistan, Shop Wireless Earbuds in Pakistan 2022, Buy Earbuds Online At Best Price In Pakistan,

Best 10000 mAh Power Bank For Charging Multiple Devices - MyD2App

The 10000mAh power bank that can charge multiple devices simultaneously? Check out our top picks for the best multiple-port power bank.

What Is a Power Bank? Everything You Need To Know About Charging On The-Go

There are many types of power banks, with different power capacities. Here's what you need to know about power banks and how to choose one.

3 Reasons You Need a Smart Washing Machine - myd2app

The advent of technology has created the need to develop new technologies to be used in our daily lives. In the same way, today's manufacturers have integrated intelligent technology within washing machines to give customers an enhanced user experience. Voice-assistant devices such as Google Assista...

List of Kitchen Appliances Which must have for New Home - MyD2App

If you are moving into a new home and plan to buy kitchen appliances online to build your kitchen in a brand new way, there’s a list of appliances you must buy.

How to Choose Your Next Dishwasher? - MyD2App

Dishwashers are electrical appliances that have experienced a spike in global demand following the rise in living standards.

Home Appliances Live Now at MyD2App - Everything You Need to Know - MyD2App

In this blog, you are just a few of the many home appliances that you can find on Our Website MyD2App. Home Appliances Price in Pakistan

Buy Best Food Processor in Pakistan - myd2app

Food processors is an appliance that is used in kitchens to prepare food, such as cutting, shredding and mixing. The principal purpose of food processors is to make cooking easier. 

Best smartphones 2023: Best Prices Smartphones - High Tech Reviews

Nowadays, smartphones are everywhere, and due to their versatility and functionality, they are your essential gadget. For the same reasons, it isn’t easy to decide which is the next one to get the device to upgrade. There’s an array of choices you can choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages, which is why choosing the right phone for you can be difficult.

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm) Price in Pakistan - MyD2App

Discover the latest features of the Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm) - from advanced fitness tracking to hand-free calling and more. Get the best of technology at your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Review -

It’s that time of year, and we’ve got the most recent Galaxy S smartphones. We’ll start our review by looking at Samsung’s Galaxy S22 plus 5G.

New and Latest Mobile Phone Available at MyD2App - MyD2App

Find the newest and latest mobile phones available at MyD2App. Stay on top of the latest smartphone trends and technology with our blog.

Uses and Advantages of Electric Kettle - MyD2App

The benefits of using an electric kettle to boil water are popular in today's society. Because kettles are rapid and effective....

Carolina Parker Blog on

Carolina Parker Blog on

6 Best cheap wireless earbuds from MyD2App -

Shopping online has become more well-known today, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. One particular e-commerce site that's quite popular is MyD2App. In this

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: A Comprehensive Guide to its Features and Benefits - MyD2App

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Buy it from myd2app and get some great discounts. Preorder now on one of the most trusted and best websites in Pakistan.

The Practical Uses of a Smartwatch | by MyD2App | Feb, 2023 | Medium

In our modern, technologically driven society, best smartwatches are popular and are now an on-the-move gadget with various purposes. They are loaded with a wide range of functions, making it easier…

6 Reasons to Buy a Samsung Mobile Phone

D2 is Pakistan's video marketplace, where sellers and buyers buy and sell products and services through video, reducing the risk of product and service fraud. Buy products and services all in a single platform, just a click away.