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Headline for K-12 Blueprint Digital Marketing US
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K-12 Blueprint Digital Marketing US

This is a list of resources that can be utilized for the K12 Blueprint marketing efforts
Keeping Up with Pinterest - 5 Updates for Brands - 'Net Features - Website Magazine

Pinterest is quickly becoming a powerhouse social network for businesses. In fact, the bookmarking site has not only become a top traffic referral source for many brands on the Web, but has also focused on expanding its platform's business capabilities since March.

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Post-Encryption Keyword Insight

Remember that day when Google encrypted all keyword data without telling anyone? Yeah, that sucked. For marketers especially, it was a sad, sad day. But if we're honest with ourselves, based on how the (not provided) count has continuously crept up since it first came into existence in October 2011, it's hard to say we didn't see this day coming.

Google AdWords For Dummies

Cheat Sheet Google AdWords is an advertising revolution. Your ads can be seen by thousands of people searching specifically for what you have, and you pay nothing until a searcher clicks your ad to visit your website.

A Guide to Measuring Split Tests in Google Analytics & Other Tools
guide covers: Measuring A/B and MVT split tests within Analytics (and other tools).
Social Content Optimization
Optimizing content for social sharing. Why optimizing for social media is important. Why the structure of your "blurb" (text you share when you post or tweet) makes a difference.
Editorial Plan Best Practices: Prime Your Content Marketing for Success
By Mike Murray published September 27, 2013 With content marketing strategies, an editorial plan can go a long way as you consider resources, budgets, types of content, a content calendar, and more. Below, I've compiled a set of helpful articles that Content Marketing Institute has created on editorial planning, as well as some insights on the topic from other reputable sources.
Social Media Analytics

Infographic about ROI

Landing Page Optimization Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet includes everything you need in order to get started with landing page optimization. The Landing Page Optimization Cheat Sheet will help when choosing which pages to optimize first and the top metrics to use when measuring ROI.
Bing/Pinterest SEO: Pins within Image Searches
Bing is in a really sweet place right now. It's one of the only search engines that still provides keyword search data -- which is huge news in and of itself. As a marketer, Bing gets a gold star just for that in my book. But that's not all it's done well recently.
Facebook User Control Over The Ads It Displays

Facebook announced it is making changes to the ads algorithm to improve the relevancy of ads in users' news feeds. The algorithm determines what ads to show Facebook users. What's changing? The company says it is putting greater emphasis on feedback from users about the ads they see.

The Beginner's Guide to the Hashtag
If you're a social media novice, hashtags - those short links preceded by the pound sign (#) - may seem confusing and unnecessary. But they are integral to the way we communicate online, and it's important to know how to use them (even though some people, like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, are not the biggest fans).
10 Nonprofits That Are Totally Nailing Pinterest Marketing
There are many reasons why visual content is becoming more widely used in online marketing, including these 19 statistics. However, it's especially important for nonprofits because every person who supports, fundraises for, donates to, and is impacted by your organization is a story worth sharing to connect others to your mission.
New Data Insights On Pinterest's Potential
Just a few months ago, Pinterest took a big step forward in its utility for businesses by providing free access to its own suite of analytics tools. I've excitedly dug in to understand the new data and am now even more convinced that Pinterest is the first social media channel made for marketing.
Auto event tracking with Google Tag Manager
Implementing analytics, or any type of conversion tracking, is a big pain in the ass. There, I said it! But it's been getting easier and easier with adoption of Tag Management tools. Google Tag Manager is going to make it even easier with the introduction of a new feature called Auto Event Tracking.
Content Marketing

Inbound Content Creation Processes


LeadGen: 100 Top CTAs

LeadGen: 100 Top CTAs

LeadGen: Product Cart to Purchase

LeadGen: Product Cart to Purchase

LeadGen: Customer Journey

LeadGen: Customer Journey

LeadGen: B2B Funnel Handbook

LeadGen: B2B Funnel Handbook

LeadGen: Analytics for eCommerce

LeadGen: Analytics for eCommerce
50 Tweetable Twitter Tips To Know

Want to get more followers and increase engagement on Twitter? Or ... just want to make sure people don't think you're a space case on Twitter? Either way, here's a massive list of 50 Twitter tips that will make you a more effective Twitter user, and that you wish you knew years ago.