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Skydiving in Dubai : 7 Things to Know

Experiencing the Ultimate Thrill in the Heart of the Middle East!

Why don't you take a leap of faith from around 13,000 feet up so you can freefall above the coast of the Persian Gulf? Life is all about taking chances and putting your faith into action, so why not?


Skydiving in Dubai is a safe activity 

All skydiving centres in Dubai are equipped with the latest safety equipment and highly trained staff. The instructors are certified to the highest standards and have years of experience. They will provide you with all the necessary safety instructions and will be there to guide you throughout the entire experience. 


There are several skydiving spots in Dubai 

The most popular skydiving spots in Dubai are the Desert Palm Landing, Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina. You can check out the packages offered at places like iFly Dubai and inFlight Dubai. These are two popular indoor skydiving places in Dubai. For outdoor skydiving, make sure to check out the Desert Campus or the Palm Zone. You might also want to stay at a Palm Jumeirah hotel the likes of Avani Palm View Dubai. This is the area where all the action happens. Many avid skydivers do come here for the time of their life!


Skydiving in Dubai is affordable 

Skydiving in Dubai can be expensive, but there are several packages available that can make it more affordable. Many companies offer discounts for groups, which can make it more affordable for everyone. 


You can get a certificate after skydiving in Dubai 

After you have completed your skydiving experience, you can get a certificate of completion. This certificate is a great souvenir and will serve as proof of the experience too!


Skydiving in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime 

Skydiving in Dubai is an experience that you will never forget. The feeling of freefalling from a plane and being able to take in the spectacular views of the city and desert below is like no other. It is an exhilarating experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. It is definitely an activity that you need to try out once in your lifetime! 


Tandem Skydiving vs Solo Skydiving

When two persons participate in tandem skydiving, they jump out of an aeroplane together using a single parachute. When participating in this type of skydiving, two individuals are attached to one another using straps, and one person is suspended above the other. The crux of the matter is that many people are under the impression that a person's very first skydiving must be performed in tandem with an experienced instructor. If this is your first time skydiving, you also have the option of going for it alone and performing a solo skydive. After successfully completing the training in solo skydiving, you'll be granted the licence necessary to engage in solo skydiving anywhere in the globe. You should be aware of the fact that tandem skydiving can only be done with certain people and not just anyone. 


Best time to skydive

Skydiving is an extreme activity that is depending on the conditions of the day. Poor visibility, precipitation, and high-speed winds are all conditions that are common throughout the UAE, and all three of these elements have the potential to create a hindrance that will force you to cancel your plans. In Dubai, the best times of year for skydiving are the summer or winter months. Visit Dubai during its season if you have a passion for extreme sports and are looking for a burst of excitement. Skydiving is more difficult when there is rain; therefore, you should try to avoid travelling to Dubai during the wet season.