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Updated by josh Van on Mar 12, 2023
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The Top 5 Arguments for NAS Backup Solutions for Your Business

When your business generates a large amount of data, you need an efficient and secure way to back it up— this is where NAS Backup Solutions come in. NAS Backup Solutions offer businesses an array of benefits that make them a highly desirable option for backing up data.

Reason 1: You Need the NAS Data

The key point is that the consequences of NAS data loss extend beyond the production and profit issues for an organization. These days, data is one the most valuable assets that an SMB or enterprise has. In case NAS is your main data storage device and a core infrastructure component, you need control over that data.

Reason 2: You Already Use NAS as a Backup Repository

Some organizations tend to perceive NAS devices as universal data synchronization, retrieval and storage solutions, thus keeping backups on different logical or physical disks of the same device. That approach enables you to have a copy of your data, but not a recoverable backup.

Reason 3: Simple Operation and Management

Thus, a NAS backup solution picked thoroughly can simplify data backup and recovery, improve the overall performance of an organization and cut maintenance costs. Moreover, an IT department gets additional time they can spend to complete other important tasks instead of taking care of data protection tasks.

Reason 4: Improved Backup Data Security

A modern organization needs a constant online presence to ensure operation and interaction with clients. A network connection that remains active 24/7 is an efficiency booster as much as a threat. Apart from enabling, for instance, remote work and worldwide sales, an Internet channel means that cybercriminals are at your virtual threshold all the time. A cybercriminal seeks a chance to access an organization’s data mostly to steal or encrypt it.