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Thought Leadership Articles & Posts

Articles and posts about thought leadership, mostly in b2b

ROI, CTR, and KPIs: What Is the True Measure of Thought Leadership?

Measuring the effectiveness of a thought leadership campaign can sometimes feel a bit like trying to determine the number of gumballs in an airtight dispenser. How do you even begin to figure it out? It may seem like there's no way to really know if the time you are spending creating and curating content is worth the effort.

Change This - The Thought Leader Manifesto: Strategies for Building & Leveraging Your Influence

"Whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, or a non-profit leader, your success is often dependent upon your ability to engage and enroll influencers to get on board with your ideas."

6 Characteristics Great Thought Leaders Share

Thought leaders share a lot of the same behaviors. Rather than stand on a pedestal, they foster approachability. Rather than work in obscurity, they make sure they are "discoverable." Rather than pretending they've got it all figured out, they share their lives openly (the good, the bad, and, within reason, the ugly).

Inspire, Interact & Inform to Create Thought Leadership in Your Niche

We can all agree that the most popular blogs have a few things in common - they all inspire, interact with and inform their readers. As Darren has discussed before, these three pillars should form the foundation for your blog's content plan. I'm not much of one for introductions, so let's just jump right in...

A Thought Leadership Strategy Where Content Supports True Innovation

Thought leadership strategy is a common component of content marketing - and for good reason. It's true that thought leaders tend to be the most successful professionals in their fields, and thus exert the most influence over potential followers.

How thought leadership works

Laurie Young outlines how thought leadership can help you connect with consumers and other businesses in your market. 1 Business people read, explore ideas and listen to trends Many senior leaders are open-minded, curious and explorative and see part of their role as introducing concepts and change in an appropriate and structured way to their organisation.

Why Your Thought Leadership Strategy Should Make You Uncomfortable

By Carla Johnson published October 22, 2013 Thought leadership strategy is a common component of content marketing - and for good reason. It's true that thought leaders tend to be the most successful professionals in their fields, and thus exert the most influence over potential followers.

Research & Thought Leadership: Top 10 Content Creation Ideas

Over the last few years the digital marketing landscape has changed. The search engines and major social media channels are rapidly evolving. The data that search engines are now able to extract from link profiles and social signals mean that reputation and influence is now fundamental to digital marketing success.

Map for Thought Leadership Content

MapsForThat is a social network for sharing MindManager maps with other users.

KPMG Thought Leadership App

The KPMG Thought Leadership app is free to download and provides KPMGs insights from around the world to todays pressing business issues.

Is Content Marketing Synonymous With Thought Leadership?

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Almost every business blogger aspires to be regarded as a thought leader in his or her respective field. It comes with a lot of perks: gaining desired traffic, a huge following, exposure on other blogs, and even individual success such as making a name throughout an entire industry.

What Is A Thought Leader?

It's a truism that thought leaders tend to be the most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields. Furthermore, in the research literature, there's a general consensus that being a thought leader whether you're an individual or employed at an organization and you want to grow the business, or [...]

Thought Leadership in Loyalty |

In this Loyalty360 podcast, Tomas Hutchinson from Raley's and Bryan Baecker from dunnhumby discuss Raley's customer philosophy and how it influences loyalty and the entire customer experience.

Thought Leadership Content: The Art of the Charticle

Normally when some travesty occurs in the world of content or journalism, it's the bloggers that get the blame. In the case of one of my favorite forms of content, it's actually the journalists who get the nod for instigating the content form currently known as the 'charticle.'

B2B Marketing: The Trouble with Thought Leadership

Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz Allen Hamilton magazine Strategy & Business first coined the term "thought leadership" in 1994. I wonder if he knew what he was starting? It's nearly impossible to find a B2B focused marketing plan that doesn't include it as an objective, but in my experience - and maybe yours - the term is widely and wildly misused.

AngelList Syndicates: Turn Thought Leadership Into Startup Cash

AngelList has been testing a new feature called AngelList Syndicates. Synidcates allow accredited investors to pool resources, and the syndicator can charge a carry for value adds similar to many hedge funds and VCs. AngelList explains ... Here's an example. Sara decides to invest in a startup and asks for a $250k allocation in the company.

Beyond the brochure: Why thought leadership matters for real estate firms

The New York Real Estate Journal provides the latest commercial real estate news for the entire state of New York. Read profiles of the most influential companies and people involved in the NY commercial real estate market. Search archived commercial real estate news from New York City, Long Island, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Hudson Valley, Westchester County, and beyond.

Thought Leaders: B2B's New Sales Rainmakers

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review noted the death of so-called solution selling, where companies offer multi-faceted solutions to a customer's problem made up of modular parts. This method has been very successful for a number of years, but as options expand, many customers are left with too [...]

Your employees as your brand ambassadors

You employees can be your biggest brand assets, your social brand ambassadors. 8 case studies from Cisco on how we leverage our employees in social media and wh

5 Steps To Thought Leadership With Knowledge Sharing

Marketing and corporate jargon abound! We've all been guilty of using "buzzwords" that we might not fully understand in hopes of further confusing the market. Be warned: This article will use two of my least favorite buzzphrases, but it's for good reason. "Thought leadership" and "knowledge sharing." Why do these phrases matter?

Seven Steps to Thought Leadership in Your Industry | MarketingMaven GlobalSpec

Admittedly, thought leadership is a buzzword. But like many buzzwords, rub away the patina of jargon and you'll see there is substance relevance behind the popular phrase. Thought leadership means having a reputation in the market as a company with unique, innovative, and important ideas about your industry, the forces shaping it, the challenges facing it, and the future awaiting it.

How I Came in Second to Bill Gates: The Brilliance of the LinkedIn Influencer Program

Within 48 hours your post has received over 1 million page views -- and from that one article, over 500K people decide to follow you so they can read subsequent posts. Sound like a fantasy? It's not a fantasy if you're Bill Gates, you wrote this post, and you're a LinkedIn Influencer.

How Thought Leadership Invented the Modern World

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 By Laurie Young Laurie Young is the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Society and the author of " Thought Leadership: Prompting Businesses to Think and Learn " (to be released on October 3, 2013). When a new idea enters the world, its value is often not immediately apparent.


CS Forum Helsinki 2013 is officially underway in lovely Finland. While I would have loved to be there (and the organizers did their best to try to lure me), the journey from California to Scandinavia is a bit daunting without a broader agenda in Europe.

Thought Leadership is a Synonym for Attention

I've been thinking about thought leadership lately. Many smart people, including venture capitalist Brad Feld and Marketo cofounder Jon Miller, equate content marketing with becoming a thought leader. Personally, I've never liked the term. It signifies some exalted guru status, and my 15 years of online content marketing suggest something much less exclusive.