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STAR TREK - learning to succeed

6 Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

I’m not much of a TV-watcher, but I do love Star Trek. It is gloriously nerdy. Here are six of the biggest leadership lessons I’ve taken away from my favorite captains.

(A note: Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, these are good leadership reminders. They are, however, best illustrated by actors in alien costumes.)

Six Leadership Styles Inspired by Science Fiction

Which Hero describes how you influence your organization?

5 leadership lessons from Star Trek captains

They travelled through space, time and Starfleet academy: put your career in warp drive with these five leadership lessons from Star Trek's captains.

Star Trek captains offer 4 leadership lessons that could save your career

These takeaways from key moments in the Star Trek franchise offer invaluable advice for everyone who wants to lead a team.

Every Star Trek Captain, Ranked by Competency

Who would you want as your boss?

Ex Astris Scientia - Classical Music in Star Trek

Identification of the various pieces of classical music in Star Trek, complete with sound files

The Starfleet Survival Guide: The Starfleet Survival Guide (Star Trek): Mack, David: 9780743418423: Books

Buy The Starfleet Survival Guide: The Starfleet Survival Guide (Star Trek) Original ed. by Mack, David (ISBN: 9780743418423) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Star Trek's Memorable Mentorships

As Trekkies, most of us would probably agree that there are two aspects of our favorite franchise that set it apart in the world of science fiction. The first is Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic vision of the future. And the second is the relationships between the characters -- which includes mentorshi




A mentor was a person who assisted another, less experienced, person in their professional or personal development. The recipient of such assistance was known as a mentee. A 2152 draft biography of Henry Archer described his mathematics regarding the flux paradox as being more accurate than those of his mentors from Vulcan. (ENT: 'Singularity') Sylvia Tilly considered Michael Burnham her mentor. Burnham considered Sarek hers. (DIS: 'Lethe') According to Spock in 2269, Rayna Kapec loved Flint bot

Kate Mulgrew: From Man Who Fell to Earth Menace to Star Trek Prodigy Mentor - IGN

Kate Mulgrew discusses what she knew about Star Trek: Prodigy’s mid-season Janeway twist, how The Man Who Fell to Earth is a reminder that she’s not just a ‘good girl,’ and much more.

Star Trek on Twitter

“Which Captain would you view as your mentor?”

Star Trek – Metamorphosis (Review)

Warp speed ahead…