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Headline for List of wildlife indigenous to Hong Kong – Uncover the fascinating wildlife endemic to Hong Kong in many places!
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List of wildlife indigenous to Hong Kong – Uncover the fascinating wildlife endemic to Hong Kong in many places!

Sleek tower blocks teetering to the sky, bustling markets, exciting food stalls and glamorous shopping can be a visitors takeaway of Hong Kong, yet if you explore deeper a host of unique nature reserves and ecosystems await those intrepid travellers to discover the abundance of indigenous wildlife.


Pink Dolphin

The Chinese white dolphin is called the Pink Dolphin due to the greyish-pink hue it turns into during body temperature regulation. Being greatly admired when they do their playful stunts around the Pearl River estuary near Lantau and Peng Chau they can also be observed by joining a dolphin tour as often enjoyed by travellers at Tsim Sha Tsui hotels.


The black-faced spoonbill

This outstanding bird is seen in coastal areas of Southeast Asia, in winter they migrate to places like Hong Kong and Macau. Easily identified due to its beak resembling a spoon, or a pipa (A Chinese classical instrument similar to the guitar) flocks of these birds from around the world migrate to Mai Po Inner Deep Bay near Yuen Long where visitors can see these birds at close quarters.


Archduke Butterfly

One of the most rare butterflies in Hong Kong they were first discovered around 8 years ago, The unique features of male and female butterflies are the males have wings with white spots whilst the female wings have a blue-green-tinged edge. Though rare the best place to spot these fluttering beauties is on Lantau Island. Your visit there won't be in vain as the island is home to nearly 200 species of these fluttering creatures. This is one reason why guests from places like Park Hotel Hong Kong love visiting Lantau Island.


Saunder's Gull

Often mistaken for a duck, Saunder's Gull is a native to the intertidal marshes of Hong Kong. A pale and fluffy body, a narrow black head and a tail with tinges of grey make this gull a favourite among birdwatchers. Spot them circling at Mai Po marshes keeping their eyes on crabs, mudskippers, fish and worms an interesting sight to witness.


Romer's Tree Frog

Despite it being the tiniest amphibian in the region, this tree frog can be spotted with ease due to its triangular and brown lips and rounded snout. First discovered 70 years ago on Lamma and Lantau Island the species is now under protection and can be viewed at the Botanic Gardens or the Kadoorie Farm.


Masked Palm Civet

Found in tropical jungles and rainforests throughout China and Southeast Asia, this cat-like mammal inherits its name due to the black markings around its eyes, giving the appearance of a mask. This creature loves to sleep and feed on trees.


Purple Heron

A migratory wading bird with a majestic appearance, the Purple Heron is often spotted at the Mai Po marshes in the autumn, winter and spring. Despite its awesome presence this bird is shy and would prey under the cover of reeds for rodents, fish, frogs and insects either stalking them or standing still waiting in an ambush stance.

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