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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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5 Mistakes People Make on Their First Trip to Phuket - Phuket travel tips!

Phuket offers a wide variety of things to do, see and eat. If this is your first time in Phuket, the planning process can get a bit overwhelming. This list aims to highlight the mistakes travellers often make during their first trip.


Eating only Pad Thai

Pad Thai is indeed delicious, and now you can finally order one, two, or even three servings! However, keep in mind the importance of being daring and eating something new every day. Thai cuisine is known for its variety and affordability, and Phuket is renowned for the quality of its seafood. Explore the many regions of the island, and while you're there, eat some foods you've never had before. Check some of the popular foods in Phuket resorts and the likes offered by brands such as Avani Hotels & Resorts for authentic flavours.


Ignoring the Red Flags on the Beaches!

Swimming during the monsoon is a dangerous activity. Rip currents are very dangerous, and regardless of how well you believe you can swim, there is a strong chance that you will not prevail. When you see red flags, it means NO SWIMMING. If there are yellow with red flags flying, it means that the area between the flags is safe for swimming when lifeguards are on duty.


Not Bargaining Enough!

It is well known that haggling over prices is an integral component of the shopping experience in Thailand. You may begin your negotiations at 60-70% of the price that is currently being requested on the market and then proceed at a pace that is suitable for you. However, you shouldn't think of haggling over the price in convenience stores or shopping centres! You should haggle for a better price while renting a bike, especially if you want to keep it for more than a few days; however, you must not negotiate with foreign vehicle rental companies.


Forgetting to tip or tipping too little

If you're satisfied with the service provided, leaving a tip of 10% is customary at "genuine" restaurants (those that deliver a printed bill), although it is not required. There is often usually a service charge of 10% included in the bill at restaurants, so you don't need to feel guilty about not paying one. On the other hand, due to the low pay associated with such positions, almost everyone tips. In restaurants located on the street, a tip is not customary. If you're going on tours, you can always tip the tour guide as well. It will be appreciated.


Underestimating the sun

The sea air is refreshing, and the water temperature is perfect. It is really simple to get carried away and take pleasure in a bright day, particularly if you are getting away from the freezing winter in your own nation. But do not be misled; that sun is vicious, and one thing is certain: if you suffer a bad sunburn on the first day, it will spoil any chance you have of getting a tan! Use high-quality sunscreen, which can be purchased easily almost everywhere, including the 7-11 stores here.