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Hospitals & Diseases - Health Insurance

Niva Bupa's Critical Illness Insurance cover takes care of your financial commitments in the event of a catastrophic illness. When you are insured, you are given a lump sum that may be used to cover hospital stays, doctor visits, medical expenses, and even diagnostic costs.


Critical Illness Insurance | Niva Bupa

Buy critical illness insurance policy from Max Bupa & protect yourself from financial crisis against critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, lung disease and other life-​threatening diseases. Click here to checkout our best critical illness plan.

Best Mediclaim Policy

You must take a look at the company’s claim settlement ratio before buying a mediclaim policy. You can easily buy a best mediclaim policy online from the comfort of your home.

Health Insurance - Best Medical Insurance Plans in India | Niva Bupa

Are you looking for the best health insurance policy and are confused which one to buy? Check out Niva Bupa's health insurance policy. A plan that is not only for you but for your entire family.

Know Everything about Health Insurance Premium Calculator | Niva Bupa

Do you know what a health insurance premium calculator is? Read the article to know everything about Health Insurance Premium Calculator. This article explains definition, working & benefits of Health Insurance Premium & its Calculation

All You Need to Know About Health insurance Claim Settlement Ratio | Niva Bupa

Read this article to know what is a Claim Settlement Ratio in Health Insurance Plans, how to calculate it and why it is important while buying a Health Insurance Policy in India.

What is Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA Card)?

Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA Card) is a digital card that provides all the information about your tests, past medical treatments, health insurance policy, etc. ABHA card provides Indian citizens with a digital ID which has a 14-digit identification number. Know about Ayushman Bharat Health Account

Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in Delhi NCR, India | Niva Bupa

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can destroy not only the individual but the entire family. Niva Bupa has listed down the top 10 cancer hospitals in Delhi, which include AIIMS, BLK super speciality hospital, Artemis hospital, etc. Know about some of the best cancer hospitals in Delhi.

Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai | Niva Bupa

Cancer is a formidable opponent; it has claimed many lives. Mumbai is the pinnacle city with some of the best cancer hospitals in India. Read the article to know about some of the best cancer hospitals in Mumbai.

What is a Health Card, and How Does it Work? | Niva Bupa

A health card works as a token of assurance that your health risks are covered. Know all about health card, benefits of health card and how does a health card work. Read to know more.

Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad | Niva Bupa

The number of projected incidences of cancer patients in India is rising every year. Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad have a professional team of some of the best oncologists. In the article, Niva Bupa has listed some of the best cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.

Difference between Health Insurance & Term Insurance Plans | Niva Bupa

Know the key differences between Health Insurance Plans and Term Insurance Plans in India. It will help you choosing the right plan for your secure future. Read more.

What is Recharge Benefit in a Health Insurance Plan? | Niva Bupa

The recharge benefit in a health insurance plan is often the best way to ensure that you are never unprepared in case a medical emergency crops up unexpectedly. Click here to know more.

Corona Kavach Plan, Buy Corona Kavach Policy Online In India | Niva Bupa

After receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis, the Niva Bupa Corona Kavach Plan will pay for all of your medical care, including any necessary hospitalisations and post-hospitalization costs. You need to have sufficient financial protection to be able to pay for the associated medical costs due to the high cost of ICU beds and the increasing demand for them in the wake of the pandemic. The Corona Kavach Policy must be purchased online as soon as feasible as a result.

20 Vitamin A Rich Food Options | Niva Bupa

Read this article and know out about variety of Vitamin A rich food items that would enhance your health and the different benefits of Vitamin A rich fruits and vegetables.

Is Buying Health Insurance on EMI a Good Idea? | Niva Bupa

Buying health insurance on an EMI is a smart way of gaining higher health insurance coverage and quality treatment for your medical needs. Read to know more.

Before choosing a mediclaim insurance policy, it is important to know what is covered and what is not. This article explains, what has covered & not covered under a mediclaim policy

10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Summer | Niva Bupa

Protect yourself against the burning heat with these 10 health diet tips & stay healthy during the summer season. Click here to read those tips in detail.

Regular exercise can cause the skins aging process to reverse, even if one starts exercising later in life. Healthier lifestyle can help us age backwards. Read to know more.

Benefits of Health Insurance with OPD Cover in India | Niva Bupa

OPD treatments are those that do not necessitate admission to a hospital. Everyone should opt for a health insurance plan that provides OPD coverage. Know about the benefits of health insurance with OPD cover in India.

Best Heart Hospitals in India | Niva Bupa

When it comes to heart-related medical procedures, it is essential to look for the best heart hospital in India. In the article, Niva Bupa has mentioned some of the top heart hospitals in India so that you are in good hands. Know more.

How health insurance plan works in India? | Niva Bupa

It is important for people to know the working of health insurance plans. Read the article & know how health insurance plans work in India.

Running is often cited as one of the easiest ways to go about being more active in our daily lives. Benefits include improved cardiovascular health, increased lung capacity, etc.


Health Insurance for Senior Citizen | Niva Bupa

Health insurance is important for senior citizens as they are more prone to diseases & critical illnesses. The article explains the need of buying health insurance for senior citizens.

National Dengue Day 2021: Tips to Protect yourself from Dengue | Niva Bupa

May 16 is observed as National Dengue Day in India. Raise awareness about the disease on National Dengue Day and learn about the causes, symptoms & how to prevent dengue.