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Headline for Touring around Bangkok’s Grand Palace- Key Highlights to Not be Missed
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Touring around Bangkok’s Grand Palace- Key Highlights to Not be Missed

If you are looking for something unique to do while holidaying in the thriving Bangkok city, visiting the Grand Palace must be at the top of your list. Whilst the palace is no longer considered the home of the Thai King, the palace holds a special place in the heart of every local in the country. Here are some of the key highlights of the Grand Palace including the original buildings and paintings you can admire during a tour of the place.


Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Easily distinguished by its two demons guarding the entrance, the temple of Emerald Buddha is known for its small carved figurine sitting high on a grand multi-tiered pedestal. The figurine has been lying in the temple since 1784 CE and is considered to be created from an Emerald. With hundreds of tourists visiting the temple daily, Thai individuals believe the figurine is a sign of prosperity to the nation. This iconic figurine is 66 centimetres high and 48.3 centimetres wide and is crafted from a single piece of grey-green jasper found in Africa and India. Interestingly, the statue is said to possess spiritual powers due to the fable-like origins surrounding it.


Ho Phra Parit

Originally built for the use of monks who congregates around the area to create holy water and scatter it across the palace, Ho Phra Parit is a unique hall and an integral part of Bangkok's Grand Palace. The hall is split into two rooms with the largest room used for rituals and prayers and the smaller one used as a storage space for religious artefacts. During times of war, water was also utilized to improve the power of weapons through a special ceremony performed at the place.


Angkor Wat

This temple in Cambodia is the idyllic Khmer-style replica in the country for you to peek into the history of how the temple came into being. This mini Angkor Wat sits right across from the Emerald Buddha temple and is surrounded by vibrant ornate buildings. This simple design of this grey model will offer a remarkable contrast which is worth admiring. Even those staying at a Sukhumvit 19 hotel the likes of the opulent SQ boutique hotel, will find the need to visit the Grand Palace and its many attributes including the glamourous Angkor Wat.


The Great Chakri Palace

Formerly the royal residence, the Great Chakri palace is originally brought to life by an English architect adopting the Italian Renaissance style. However, after King Rama V ordered that the palace be beautified with Siamese stepped roofs and mondhop, the design was trivially altered. The unique design and the grandeur of this former royal residence make it a true stand out from the rest of the structures in the Grand Palace. Replete with rich interiors, all the rooms of the Chakri Palace are also embellished with valuable paintings and portraits of Thai Kings.


Dusit Maha Prasat

Considered the single vast inner hall of the Grand Palace, which is open to the public, Dusit Maha Prasat used to be King Rama's audience chamber. The hall was used by the King to welcome his guests seated on a niche throne affixed to the south wing wall. A spire designed to resemble the King's crown brings a royal touch to this Thai traditional hall which has derived its inspiration from the Italian Renaissance style. The furniture inside the hall belongs to the time of its construction, whilst the murals came into being at a later period.