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Explore the underwater world of Maldives

The wonderful archipelago of Maldives is beautiful below the surface as it is above. You can discover a whole world of marine life that will bewitch you. Here are some of the best ways to explore it.


Nasimo Thila

Hailed as one of the most spectacular diving sites in the country, Nasimo offers divers a mesmerizing experience. Huge coral boulders that are 18–30 meters below the surface and covered in both soft and hard corals are the result of a portion of the reef breaking off. There are numerous overhangs and crevices to explore where the reef has separated. A stunning coating of blue soft corals covers the walls of these overhangs.


Snorkel with a marine biologist

If you want to learn more about the diverse marine life, you can choose to snorkel and explore the coral reefs with a certified marine biologist. You'll get a guided tour as well as insight into the many coral restoration projects conducted by most Maldives restaurants.


Manta-Ray exploration

Swimming with these gentle giants is a must-have experience in the Maldives. You can swim with them all year round in selected places, the best time to visit them is from June to November.


Meet the whale sharks

Whale sharks spend the entire year in the Maldives, making it a popular destination for divers. Although they are peaceful, diving with these animals is not for the timid; although they are a little shorter than those found abroad, they could still measure up to 26 feet long!


Scuba with sea turtles

You can schedule an excursion with your hotel such as Kandolhu Maldives easily or you can book your scuba session with a private diving company. The Maldives is home to all types of sea turtles from green sea turtles to hawksbills. These two are also on the endangered species list.


Dolphin watching

There are over 20 species of dolphins here in The Maldives so you're most likely to spot at least one of them at any given time of the year. Due to their scheduled daily movements, spinner dolphins are among the most often spotted dolphins. Every night they forage elsewhere, and in the morning, they travel back to the atoll to recuperate.


Underwater dining

There are a few select bars and bespoke restaurants built underwater. You can have a luxury dinner and taste select wines while being completely submerged. Imagine enjoying prime-aged Wagyu beef and lobster while dark reef sharks glide by from the depths of the ocean, or perhaps enjoying eggs benedict while one clownfish inspects you through the window.

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