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Updated by Navata Road Transport on Jul 26, 2023
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Discussing 6 Supply Chain Trends For 2023 - Navata

We have compiled a list of some supply chain trends for 2023 to help you better prepare for anything 2023 may bring.

5 Roles Of Warehousing In Logistics And Supply Chain - Navata

let's examine the following Roles of Warehousing in Logistics: 1. Better Inventory Management 2. Effective Distribution 3. Product Quality and Cust

Understanding Inventory Management Techniques: 6 Effective Methods - Navata

Corporations will employ various inventory management techniques depending on the kind of business or product being examined. Some of these..

5 Key Features Of Road Transportation - Navata

Here are 5 Features of Road Transportation: 1. Fastest Mode of Transport 2. Door-to-Door Service 3. More Economical 4. High Scope of Flexibility

LTL and FTL Explained

Less-than-truckload or LTL is referred to as a shipping service wherein freights from multiple shippers are transferred on a single trailer rather than using separate trailers for each individual company.
Contrary to LTL, FTL or full-truckload freights are often used for large shipments. Therefore, you enjoy a great degree of autonomy and discretion over how you want to fill the truck.

Last Mile Delivery: The Complete Guide - Navata 2023

Shipping items from a warehouse directly to a customer’s front door is the goal of last mile delivery, sometimes called last-mile logistics. Logistics for the final mile seeks to get products to their intended recipients as cheaply, swiftly, and precisely as feasible.

Top 6 Trends In Last Mile Delivery - Navata

In this article, we will explore the top 6 trends in last mile delivery, 1. Same Day and On-Demand Delivery 2. Urban Warehouse 3. Micro Fulfillment