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5 Things to Know Before You Travel to Phuket - A checklist!

In preparation for your trip to Phuket, Thailand, there are some things you need to be aware of. Here's a list you must check out regarding Phuket before you head out!



Phuket is a tropical island, and as a result, you need to prepare yourself for humidity. The temperature in Phuket on a typical day is somewhere about 30 degrees Celsius, but owing to the heavy humidity, it often feels much hotter than that. It is possible that at first you may feel a bit uneasy, but if you drink enough water and wear the appropriate clothing, you'll feel totally fine. As there are many places to visit in Phuket, you will be outdoors all day. So, make sure you carry a bottle of water with you.



Phuket is no exception to the rule that sunny days and rainy days are always to be expected on a tropical island. Since the climate in Phuket is generally mild, the island may be visited at any time of the year, earning it the nickname "all-year-round" getaway. It is possible that there may be rainfall, although this kind of weather is typical for a tropical island. If you do not want your beach vacation to be ruined by rain, you need to plan accordingly, especially if you have excursions and outdoor activities in mind. Most excursions are often offered by the hotels and resorts you will stay at. For this purpose, you might want to check out properties like Avani+ Mai Khao Phuket Suites & Villas. It is important that you keep in mind that September to October is the period with the most rainfall and that you should avoid travelling to Phuket during this time. In addition to this, owing to the effect of the monsoon, there is a possibility of thunderstorms occurring in the month of May. In spite of this, there is still a significant amount of sunlight.


Tap water is unsafe

When you check into a resort or hotel, the room that you are staying in will include "complimentary water bottles". It is not because the hotel is trying to be kind to you by giving such a luxury; rather, it is a means for them to let their customers know that the water from the tap is not fit for consumption. Convenience shops often have a wide variety of drinking water, including sparkling, still, and mineral varieties, all of which may be purchased at prices that are quite budget friendly.


Expect Mosquitoes

Insects and warm tropical weather go together like peanut butter and jelly, so you should already anticipate them by the time you make up your mind to visit a tropical nation. They are present even in five-star hotels and private homes that are leased out to guests. It goes without saying that the hotels as well as villas will have mosquito repellent sprays available for you to use. If you don't want to risk it, you can always pick up some bug repellent at one of the many convenience stores that are located all around the island. They function like magic, and there is a wide range of options available to you.


No authorised public transportation

Although Phuket is large enough to function as its own province, the island does not yet possess a population enough to warrant the establishment of its own system of public transport. A private cab is the most fundamental kind of transportation for getting around the island.

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