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How To Plan a Christmas Party in 7 Simple Steps

Christmas is a time for nostalgia – warm and fuzzy and celebrations with friends and family. As this festive time of the year approaches, you might be stressing about planning the perfect party. How do you plan a great Christmas party without letting all the work involved kill the joy out of the entire event? Let’s put together a checklist to help plan a great party.


How to set a time and date?

Before you make the decision to set the date, think about the people whom you wish to invite. Check online forums like the Events and Festivals Blog for information about famous festivals and events to see if something might affect the timing. Keep an eye out on social media for events. Timing is vital and it is better to change your date than clash with another event. If the party is going to be a small gathering, ask your attendees about a feasible date. If you choose a day early in December, you can be ahead of the game and enjoy better venue options.


How to choose a venue for your Christmas Party?

This should be a priority, and the decision should involve the kind of event you wish to organize. Are you planning on live music? Will there be dancing? How large is your party going to be? And, if there are kids at the party, you have to think about safety too. Try to match the size of the venue to the size of your party. If you are going to hire a DJ, you’ll need a sound system. How about parking? You would absolutely need to make sure there is space for parking; otherwise, your guests are going to come into the venue disgruntled. And, finally what is the cost per head? Make a list of all these requirements and tick the boxes to see if the place is a good fit.


How to set a budget for your Christmas Party?

When you set the budget, you have to consider whether you are going to charge for tickets to the event or cover the cost in some other way. If there are going to be tickets, you have to make sure that your guests can afford the price. In the meantime, you have to make sure that the cost is covered. You have to allocate sections of the budget for décor, food and beverages, sound system and other logistics. Calculate how much each item would cost and allocate funds accordingly.


How to pick a theme and decorate your Christmas party?

Here are some Christmas party themes you could consider.

  • Traditional (European style) party with mulled wine, red and green décor and soulful Christmas music.
  • Winter wonderland theme with décor in silver and white along with candles.
  • Red and gold theme for elegant crimson and gold decoration along with a dress code option
  • Oh, Christmas tree theme with a massive pine adorned with some classy ornaments and lights. You can even send your guests home with ornaments

How to order food and beverages for your Christmas party?

You could give your guests a say in the food and beverages. Leave room for allergies and preferences. Think about what type of service you can offer. Are you going to serve plated meals or spread out a lavish buffet? If your budget is restricted, perhaps you can invite some food trucks. Some venues cater the food themselves. Bring your own dinner or potluck would be a good idea for a small gathering of people who know each other well.


How to choose games for your Christmas party?

Unless the event is between a close-knit group of people, it is a good idea to organize some games to make sure people have a good time. Here are some games you can consider.

  • Musical hat
  • Charades
  • Stuff a Christmas stocking
  • Pin the tail on the reindeer
  • Christmas wrapping relay

In addition, you can add some entertainment like karaoke, children’s entertainer, Kids’ corner with Santa and even live music.


How to make sure that your Christmas party is a success?

Send reminders to everyone two days before the party. Do a pre-event set-up to ease out any potential glitches. Talk to all the vendors and make sure everyone is on top of their game. Do a logistical run and buy any additional requirements. Use your common sense in grouping your guests. Set up the essentials in time and rest well before the big day.