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Toll Free Numbers - Articles on Business Benefits

Learn all about business uses of toll free numbers, particularly as they apply to startups and growth businesses.

The Value of Toll Free Numbers

As a lifelong marketing professional, it is easy for me to talk about the value of toll free numbers. Toll free numbers, especially vanity numbers, are a wonderful tool for boosting advertising response rates. The latest research shows that advertisements featuring toll free numbers receive up to 30% more responses compared to ads without a toll free contact.

Customized UK Toll Free Number Advantages

What Can a Customized UK Toll Free Number Offer Your Business? Since freephone numbers were first introduced by BT in 1985, they have grown from a wonky image as "non-geographic" numbers to more of a "telemarketing number" image. Today, United Kingdom toll free numbers (commonly known as UK freephone numbers) start with 0800 followed by 7 digits.

Toll Free Phone Number Advantages

Toll free phone numbers energize your marketing campaigns and drive new customers to contact your business. Toll free phone numbers can be very convincing. You might ask "what can toll free phone numbers offer my business?" Well, toll free phone numbers have a lot of benefits to offer your business.

Call Center Toll Free Number: Why You Need It

Call center toll free numbers are popular because they are free to callers and have powerful features to make inbound campaigns work great. Toll Free Numbers Provide Powerful Features for Call Centers Toll free numbers are an important part of successful call centers.

800 Toll Free Numbers for US, Canada, and Everywhere

Most businesses large and small use 800 toll free numbers as a vital way to conduct business. It is hard to imagine a world without 800 numbers, but where did they originally come from? Early Years (1967-1984) In the beginning, toll-free dialing was nothing more than a novelty.

Toll Free Numbers Make Your Tourism Business Stand Out

Toll Free Numbers and Tourism Business In a recent article in the Tourism Tattler Trade Journal, "Tourist Guides in South Africa " by Marjorie Dean, it was noted that some of the most important people in the South African tourism industry are tourist guides.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers - 9 Reasons To Use TFVNS

Toll free vanity numbers are a type of toll free number that begins with 1-800, 888, 877, 866 or 855, and ends with a word or acronym that promotes and represents the business behind the number. Customers can call this number from anywhere in the country and not incur charges for doing so.

800 Numbers - Toll Free Call Forwarding

Understanding the telegeography of 800 numbers and toll free call forwarding can be quite helpful in growing your business at home and abroad. Where do you need to establish a presence in the world? Routing 800 Numbers Internationally 800 numbers can be routed anywhere in the world.

Universal Free Phone Service - Your Global Toll Free Number | AVOXI

Universal International Freephone Numbers provide a toll free numbers that can be reached globally, expanding your business prospects and availability. Universal International Freephone Numbers UIFN Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) are toll free numbers that can be reached globally.

What does your US 800 number say about you? | AVOXI

800 numbers have come a long way since they first hit the scene in the late 1960′s, so has voice communication for that matter. As the telephony landscape changes, so do perceptions about toll free numbers.