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Headline for Employee Advocacy For Marketing: Everything You Should Know
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Employee Advocacy For Marketing: Everything You Should Know

Everything you need to know about employee advocacy. How to encourage employees to build personal brands, become social sellers, and even become influencers! Why it's a great digital marketing strategy, and how to utilize it for employer branding and talent acquisition.

The Employee Advocacy Glossary | DSMN8

Starting an Employee Advocacy Program, but not sure about all the jargon? The Employee Advocacy Glossary covers everything you need to know!

How To Improve Employee Advocacy | DSMN8

Not seeing results from your employee advocacy program? We got you! Here's everything you need to know about how to improve employee advocacy.

Employee Advocacy vs Employee Engagement | DSMN8

What's the difference between employee advocacy and employee engagement? Are they related? Read our guide on employee advocacy vs employee engagement!

Why Is Employee Advocacy Important? | DSMN8

Is it worth starting an employee advocacy program in 2022? Why is employee advocacy important? Find out!

8 Game-Changing Social Media Advocacy Examples | DSMN8

These game-changing social media advocacy examples will help you turn your social reach into a powerful employee advocacy tool.

What is an Employee Advocate? | DSMN8

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a company or its products/services by the people who work for the company, but what makes a great employee advocate?

How to Reignite Your Employee Advocacy Program | DSMN8

Sometimes things slow down a bit. It’s totally normal! Here are a few of DSMN8’s top tips to reignite activity within your employee advocacy platform.

90% of Employee Advocacy Programs are Making this Mistake | DSMN8

Great employee advocacy is an art form, but not one that takes years of practice... You just need the right tools. 90% of Employee Advocacy Programs are Making This Mistake.

The First 60 Days: How to Ensure Employee Advocacy Success | DSMN8

From day one to post-launch, here's how to guarantee success with employee advocacy (plus some pro tips on how to ace the first 60 days and beyond!)