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The rise of engagement

The Internet is ever evolving. It is no longer just a series of pages that are linked together. It is no longer a place where we "surf the web." It's rich, dynamic, and engaging. Today, we're using applications. The same applications that could be...

Engagement Trumps Clicks: maximise ROI to keep equity!

ZDNet article: Startups' number one rule: Don't raise money The ZDNet article above raises a few really interesting points: 1) That startup entrepreneurs should hang on to their equity with an iron grip, unless they really NEED funding. 2) Too much money can be a bad thing!

Why engagement trumps clicks

Measuring brand effectiveness with clicks reminds me of so many other well-known fallacies: Home prices will always continue to skyrocket, nuclear energy is relatively safe, and one can quit smoking in a day. Likewise, advertisers seem to keep convincing themselves that clicks are a good measure of online branding.

Beyond Clicks And CPMs: A Look At 'Engagement'-Based Ad Deals

CPMs are the default standard for buying display, and paid search ads get measured in clicks. But when it comes to valuing a social-media sponsorship, "advertorial" content on a magazine site or even a virtual-world campaign, .

10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising

Some pretty shocking stats about the effectiveness of display advertising.

Engagement and The Click Fallacy

5 years at Gartner Andrew Frank Research VP 30 years IT industry Andrew Frank specializes in best practices for data-driven marketing, including how organizations can use data to drive sales, loyalty, innovation and other business goals. Andrew also specializes in marketing and advertising technology and business trends ...

Why Do Some Advertisers Believe That 90% Of Facebook Ad Clicks Are From Bots?

To listen to the Facebook (FB) earnings call last week, you would have thought that the management team passionately cares about their users' experience and the care and feeding of their advertising clients.

Beating Hearts not Rolling Eyes. Will Passion be the Metric of the Future?

Will Passion be the Metric of the Future? It's an interesting question. Passion is a wonderful notion, but how do you measure it? Today we are defined by our passions. Passions determine how we spend our time. Passion influences every conscious and subconscious choice. Passion is something you'll fight for, something you won't give up.

Measuring User Engagement

In the online world, user engagement refers to the quality of the user experience that emphasizes the positive aspects of the interaction with a web application

How To Measure Content Engagement And Effectiveness With Analytics & WordPress

For many of us that own blogs and generate excellent relatable content, engagement seems to linger just beyond our reach. We write well, there's praise, tweets, shares, +1′s - but just how much of your content is being read? Going beyond the search and keyword into how those keywords bring the visitor into content they [...]

Why Measuring Engagement Matters

It's one thing to have 100,000 or 1 million fans. But it's an entirely different thing to report to management that you have 100,000 or 1 million engaged fans or followers. Having this level of understanding is important because it gives context to what your audience size means and how your programs are performing.

How to use Google analytics to measure engagement on your blog

Are visitors to your blog really engaged in your content? Is your 'bounce' rate an accurate reflection of how engaging your blog is? In this article we outline some statistics you should consider monitoring to understand how engaging your blog is. 1.

Participation is Different from Engagement

I've been chewing on this idea lately. Maybe it's because of WOMM-U in Miami last week or maybe it's the conversations we've been having with marketers on the brand side of things. But both the terms "participation" and "engagement" are being throw around a lot these days.

Page Views Are Dead, Long Live Engagement

Alex in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange For the last 10 years, media watchers and content creators have been talking about how consumers are time-poor, and advertisers have to fight that much harder to get the attention of consumers. And yet media is not sold based on how much time people spend engaging with the content.

Page Views Are Dead, Engagement Named As Heir

An in-depth look at the debate over web analytics over at Computerworld has concluded that page views are dead (although we track them assiduously at GigaOM), and like heirs squabbling over an inheritance, startups are fighting to define the page view's successor: engagement. The story mentions Israeli startup Nuconomy, which measures engagement by tracking things...

Measuring Visitor Engagement Take Two: Unique Visitors and Page Views

In my last post, I dis­cussed audi­ence mea­sure­ment - unique vis­i­tors, page views, time spent on site, and impres­sions - and why I believe time spent on site is not, con­trary to what some are say­ing in the trade press, the best met­ric for mea­sure­ment.

Understanding Depth / Page Views per Session: Measuring Quality User Engagement Onsite

Most often marketers would just pop up this question: What is the best web analytics tool in the market? Of course, the answer for this depends on what you want. There are some marketers that would want to have graphical displays while others would just like it without all these graphical displays.

A Tech Investor Calls For The Death Of Pageviews And Uniques

Top early-stage venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is sooo over traditional audience metrics.The firm, also known as A16Z, is not impressed by a startup's monthly pageview or unique-visitor count anymore. It doesn't particularly care about the number of downloads an app has either. So A16Z wants to end 'bullshit metrics."

Increase Page Views And Reader Engagement On Your Site With Lijit - Video Interview With Todd Vernon

Duration: 10' 37" Intro Robin Good: Hi everyone, this is Robin Good from Rome, Italy, and today I'm talking to Todd Vernon, CEO of Lijit. Is that the correct pronunciation Todd? Todd Vernon: That's pretty close. It's Lijit (emphasis on the second ' i'). Like too legit to quit.

Beyond Visits and Page Views: How to Develop Actionable Web Metrics, Reports, and Analysis

The presentation describes best practices that will guide you in mapping business goals to the data provided from web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics,

Social Networks Site Usage: Visitors, Members, Page Views, and Engagement by the Numbers in 2008

Seeking stats for 2009? They are being compiled on this updated post. Stats on social networks are important, but I'm going to need your help in creating a community archive, can you submit stats as you find them?

Ways to Increase User Engagement

The definition of an "engaged user" varies from product to product. For a to-do app an engaged user should be logging in every day to add and complete items whereas for an invoicing app an engaged user might only log in once per month. There is no consistent quantifiable definition of engagement across different products.

Passion as a metric

Startup founders and angel investors are always trying to determine how to effectively measure traction. You need to find the right metrics and you need to try and weigh the significance of each metric. It can be difficult to do - after all... | Justin Benson | CEO @Spreedly