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Things to Know About the Culture of Hong Kong Before Your Next Visit – Get savvy with the metropolis

Hong Kong is among the world's most exciting cities and one of Asia's most fascinating destinations. If you could only see one destination in Asia, make it Hong Kong; you won't be let down by the city's energy and excitement.


Expect a mix of both worlds

Hong Kong's cultural legacy is a consequence of the blending of two very different worlds, East, and West, and this is what gives the city its distinctive and fascinating culture.
Hong Kongers live in a cultural limbo between Confucian traditions and the influences of the West brought by mainland China. Hong Kong residents not only value and work hard to maintain their unique culture, but they also have a deep understanding of the wider world and a welcoming attitude toward people and ideas from outside.
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Appreciate the contrasts of life in Hong Kong

In addition to the magnificent and unique fusion of cultures that is Hong Kong, the city itself is a study in contrasts. The skyline of Hong Kong is quite breathtaking. It has been called the "greatest skyline in the world" by numerous tourists. Everywhere you look, you'll see towering skyscrapers and there is also a world-class metro system buried beneath the streets.
Hong Kong is obviously a highly developed and urbanised region. However, there are just as many beautiful natural sites here – 70% of the region is covered in vegetation. Great hiking paths may be found just about anywhere. When it comes to things to do in Hong Kong, hikes have become increasingly popular among both locals and the city's many visitors.


Fifty per cent or more of Hong Kong's population communicates in English

English and Cantonese, the local dialect, are both recognised as legal languages in Hong Kong. Ninety per cent of residents in Hong Kong use Cantonese at home, while roughly 54 per cent are also fluent in English. You should be able to communicate with the locals in Hong Kong without any problems whatsoever if you speak English.


The People of Hong Kong Practice a Wide Variety of Faiths

Due to the melting pot of many cultures and nationalities, several faiths can be found in Hong Kong. Folk religions such as Taoism and ancestor worship are widely practised by the people of Hong Kong.
Many people in Hong Kong adhere to the principles of Tao and Feng shui and this method instructs followers on how to live in peace with their natural surroundings.
Numerous temples dot the city – a testament to the widespread practice of Buddhism and Taoism in Hong Kong. Those with knowledge of these religions will find these sites very fascinating.


They observe a wide variety of festivals and holidays

From operas and puppet shows to ballet, theatre, music performances and exhibits by international and national performers and artists, there are hundreds of cultural events held each year. The Hong Kong Arts Festival, which is held in the months of February and March, is one of the city's (and Asia's) most celebrated festivals. First held in 1973, this is a major cultural celebration that attracts participants from all over the world.