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Headline for Top cuisines to try in Phuket once you go there - Bite into a fusion of flavours as you keep savouring dishes in Phuket!
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Top cuisines to try in Phuket once you go there - Bite into a fusion of flavours as you keep savouring dishes in Phuket!

The largest island in Thailand, Phuket entices visitors the year through to the beaches and other attractions. However, the vibrant melting pot of cuisines in Phuket due to the olden-day traders from the Arabic and Western world and those from China and Malaysia is not to be undermined but savoured.


Fond breakfast staple Roti

These Thai-Muslim pancakes are cooked and shredded into pieces creating small heaps onto which a fried egg is placed and served with a bowl of aromatic curry. A tasty and filling breakfast with which many Phuketians start their day.


Phuket's twist of shaved ice Oh Eaw

A universal dessert loved by many people across the world, Oh Eaw is Phuket's extra sweet and flamboyantly coloured version of the dessert. Concocted with gelatinous cubes made from banana starch and kidney beans and drizzled with red syrup, this eye-catching dessert is common in Phuket and rare in other parts of Thailand. Enjoy this for a sugar rush as you venture to explore Phuket Real Estate.


Ubiquitous Mee Hokkien

Vendors around street corners, night market food stalls and even plush restaurants serve this hearty Hokkien dish of wheat noodles stir-fried with diced pork, seafood and greens smelling heavenly. A thick broth comes as an accompaniment. To give it s typical Hokkien touch a freshly cooked egg is placed atop the noodle.


Khanom Jeen a local favourite

Slim rice noodles served with curry-like toppings are common across Thailand. In Phuket, the locals love it with a crab curry made by using creamy coconut milk, vegetables, seasoning and a fistful of spices making it an aromatic broth to be savoured with the rice noodles, a great breakfast dish enjoyed by guests at Layan Residences by Anantara.


Enjoy an assortment of satay

Make sure that you don't miss the satay culture In Phuket. From Pork to chicken and beef the cooked meat is put on skewers and served with peanut sauce. This combination is relished as the sauce is a fusion of fish sauce, ginger, spring onions, jalapenos, peanut butter, seasoning, lemon juice and creamy coconut milk. A lip-smacking greasy combination for unforgettable memories.


Explore the Dim Sum galore

Be prepared to be bowled over by the spread of this Chinese fusion food around Phuket. As there is such a wide variety you may have to get some guidance from a local to select what to order. The fillings are diverse and mouthwatering such as shrimp, pork, prawn, greens and many other delightful combinations. Those which are folded many times and have a glowing and fluffy appearance are smooth and rich in flavour.


Snack on Por Pia

This snack in Phuket tingles your belly wanting you to have many helpings. The light spring roll can be eaten on the go on the street or can be consumed in style seated in a stylish café with your companions over small talk. Yummy fillings of meat, prawns, vegetables, and rice noodles are wrapped into a crunchy pastry roll and deep fried and served hot with sauce.