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Headline for Bali street food you must try – Savour the exciting and flavoursome Balinese street food as you enjoy your stay in Bali!
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Bali street food you must try – Savour the exciting and flavoursome Balinese street food as you enjoy your stay in Bali!

Bali is a province of Indonesia including Bali Island and a few other neighbouring islands. An island blessed with picturesque beaches, terraced paddy fields and many customs and traditions complemented by its vibrant cuisine which can be savoured at its best by exploring the street food delights.


Nasi Jinggo or Nasi Jengo

A completely balanced meal wrapped in fragrant banana leaves is Nasi Jinggo. Visitors may find it rather small in size, sometimes even the size of one's palm, however, this compact pack of steamed rice, and vegetables cooked with spices along with a side dish is a perfect take to work a meal or even eat on the go. Sold at street kiosks, from parked motorcycles, this pack oozes with flavours and a mouthwatering aroma. Relished by visitors who are looking for Bali villas for sale, use the side dish options of beef, chicken, seafood or eggs as per their preference.


Terang Bulan

Being one of Asia's famous desserts, this popular sweet concoction in Bali is similar to a layered pancake or crepe. Both locals and visitors indulge in this dessert selecting their preference of chocolate sauce, cheese, chopped nuts, condensed milk or a mix of two or three of these for different layers getting it done to their expectations. Available all over with street vendors.


Sate Lilit Or Satay

This popular street food is ubiquitous in Bali and is also served at fine-dining restaurants such as Anantara Ubud Bali Villas. Thanks to the vibrant mix of cultures in Malaysia, each region has their speciality variant of Sate and Sate Lilit is a variant loved by most visitors. Using minced chicken, pork or fish which is dripped with coconut milk and mixed with grated coconut and a heady assortment of spices the well-seasoned meat or fish is wrapped around skewers and slowly grilled to perfection. These awesome Sates are served with condiments and sauce.



An enjoyable snack in between sightseeing or when hanging out with friends at one of the spectacular beaches in Bali. Freshly grilled whole sweetcorn is served by street vendors dripping with butter and sauces such as chilli or barbeque sauce making them an addictive snack.


Babi Guling

This dish also known as Roasted Pig used to be a spreciality dish in Balinese fine-dining speciality Babi Guling can now be enjoyed on the street as street food vendors turn out this dish at truly affordable prices yet not compromising on taste and flavours. The dish is famous due to the traditional spices and herbs used to grease the meat and the distinctive roasting techniques used by expert cooks.



Served on the street as well as at restaurants, this is an Indonesian Meatball mostly made with fish, tapioca and salt. Adding flavour and richness to this base are chicken, pork, minced beef and shrimp. Bakso refers to a single meatball or a complete dish of these meatballs in soup served with vermicelli and yellow noodles making it a filling meal satiating your hunger pangs.