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What You Need to Know About Labor Lawyers

In general, labor law deals with legal issues concerning labor and employment. Workers and employers all operate within the boundaries set by labor laws. A labor lawyer in the Philippines studies and masters the country’s Labor Code, also known as Presidential Decree no.442.


What Does Labor Law Cover?

Keeping labor conditions fair and healthy calls for the regulation of different aspects of employment. Issues under labor law mostly cover employment contracts, union recognition, and employee rights and protection.


Employment Contracts

Labor law involves the drafting of contracts that lays down the agreement of the employer and employee. It prescribes the specific conditions of work such as working hours and wages.


Union Recognition

All workers have the right to organize. Workers may opt to create a labor organization or a union to be able to negotiate with their employers properly. A labor lawyer in the Philippines may be hired by these labor organizations to ensure proper working standards while keeping good labor relations.


Employee Rights and Protection

The biggest and most important part of labor law is to establish rights and protective measures for employees that are fair for both parties. When entering into employment, certain safeguards and agreements need to be in place.


Why You Should Get a Labor Lawyer in the Philippines?

Our country’s Labor Code is comprehensive enough to help workers and employers alike. Good law firms have lawyers who specialize in labor law. Whether you are seeking to work for a company or a company in negotiations with a labor organization, having an expert on your side will be beneficial.


Protection Against Exploitation

Having a labor lawyer would keep you from being exploited. There are minimum terms and conditions in place for minimum wage, overtime pay, working hours, leaves, absences, and holidays, and others. Do you have a full understanding of your rights as a worker?


Filing of Lawsuits

If your company does not have its own legal department, a law firm should be able to assist you with this. There are certain instances when lawsuits become necessary. If you’re having problems with labor organizations that start to bully or harass your employees, for example, we can help you.


Other Unfair Labor Practices

Everyone has their rights no matter how different they are. Labor law also includes issues of discrimination of any kind in the workplace, as companies should have anti-discrimination policies. Any discrimination, while respecting terms of employment, is considered unlawful.