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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Best things to do in the Maldives - Blissful times in tropical island paradise

Drops of paradise amid the wide-open Indian Ocean, the islands of Maldives are brimming with activities that treat you to a delightful island getaway. Get out and about; soak up everything on offer in the idyllic islands that afford all the fun, joy, and excitement in the world for a blissful time.


Scuba Diving

uncover striking treasures of the world beneath the tropical blue
Year-round sunshine, crystal clear waters, schools of tropical fish and colourful coral reefs, all join forces to make the islands of Maldives one of the best places on earth for scuba diving. Put yourself in a diving suit and hit the welcoming waters to descend deep into the tropical blue, where a whole host of breathtaking underwater wonders await your discovery. Not too "sea-savvy" for scuba diving? The turquoise blue waters of the archipelagic nation won't disappoint snorkelers either. Just gliding on the surface of the water alone guarantees a good treat for the eyes.


Island Hopping - an adventurous treat for the adventurous soul

An archipelagic nation of 1,200 islands in close proximity — one could not possibly wish for a better place on earth than the island nation of Maldives for some incredible island hopping. Hop onboard a boat and set sail from your resort island to embark on an exciting adventure, exploring the deserted islands in the vicinity. Let yourself revel in excitement as you head for the wide-open seas, musing on the clutches of islands far away in your sight, the adventure that lies awaiting you.


Sunset Dolphin Watching - tranquil evenings and amusing marine aerobatics

As the sun reaches the horizon and the azure blue skies take a profusion of yellowish oranges, nothing could top an exciting sunset dolphin-watching cruise. Keep your eyes peeled as you sail into the striking horizon – if it is your lucky day, it won't take long for you to spot a pod of dolphins. Watch as the majestic creatures of the sea put on a wonderful spectacle for you with their amusing aerobatics, with the tranquil sunset adding to the scene.


Beach Basking

savour a slice of sun, sand, and sea in the beach-blessed islands
If it weren't for the Maldives' scores of picture-postcard beaches, the South Asian nation would be nowhere near the popular tourist hotspot that it is today. So, at least one whole day of beach basking is a must on any Maldives getaway, without which, no holiday spent in the Indian Ocean islands would be complete. Unwind under swaying palms, sip on tropical cocktails, and bask in the soothing sun as you immerse yourself in the delightful seaside aura.


Savour the local cuisine - let your taste buds revel in the mouth-watering traditional flavours

Getting a taste of the local foods and drinks scene is a must on any visit to a new destination and the tropical islands of Maldives are no exception. It is an undeniably unmissable Maldives experience. You could embark on your exploration of local cuisine from the comfort of your hotel or resort the likes of Saii Lagoon Maldives.

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