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7 Best Places to Visit in and Around Pasikuda- A coastal treasure of Sri Lanka

Pasikuda is a coastal town that is found 35 kilometres away from Batticaloa. And what was once a village hamlet is now a major resort town with one of the bluest and calmest coastlines on the island. The surrounding region has quite a few attractions.


The beach

The beaches in Pasikuda and Kalkuda are among the most famous in this region. The turquoise blue waters of Pasikuda are shallow and protected by coral reefs. These waters are perfect for swimming or indulging in water activities such as scuba diving, water skiing or kite surfing and for children to play in. In Pasikuda, beach hotels the likes of Amaya Beach are among the options available for accommodation.


Batticaloa Fort

The Fort in Batticaloa was originally built by the Portuguese in 1628 and captured by the Dutch a decade later! The British colonialists continued to use the fort during their occupation of the island. The structure has four ramparts, two of which overlook the Batticaloa lagoon. Its environs are in good condition, with several government administration buildings located inside the fort. There is also a Buddha stupa housed inside its fortification walls.


Batticaloa Lagoon

Batticaloa lagoon is one of the largest on the island and is 58 km long. The region surrounding the lagoon is highly populated with many cultivations of rice, coconut, and shrimp farming. This area has a rich mangrove density, with biodiversity unique to the habitat, and attracts many migrating birds from Europe. Kallady Bridge is the longest and oldest iron bridge in Sri Lanka and is built over the lagoon. It is also called the Lady Manning Bridge and is famous for the singing fish that inhabit the waters below.


Batticaloa Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Batticaloa is a unique place to visit; it's an operational lighthouse built during the British colonial period in 1913 and is 28 metres in height. The site offers stunning views surrounding the lagoon. Overlooking an oceanic backdrop, it's a beautiful area for cycling and walking. It is the ideal place to witness a spectacular sunset!


Kokkadicholai Hindu Temple

Kokkadicholai Hindu Temple is a very special place for those of the Hindu faith, with many fascinating stories regarding the temple. Legend has it that the word 'Siva lingam' originated from this temple. It is believed to be one of the oldest Hindu Kovils on the island, with records dating back to the times of the Chola Empire in the 4th century BCE.


Somawathiya National Park

Around 74 km away is the Somawathiya National Park, with a vibrant collection of flora and fauna and over 20 villus (watering holes). The Park is also among the most spiritual sites on the island, with the ancient Somawathiya stupa taking a prominent place within the park grounds. The stupa is considered a sacred site as part of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined within it. It is an ever-popular pilgrimage site and is known to be a location where miracles occur! Supernatural phenomena like beams of light and otherworldly apparitions often get reported by devotees.



Explore the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka. From Pasikuda, the journey will take around 1.5 hours. The ancient city is filled with magnificent structures like the remains of the royal palace, Buddhist temples, massive irrigation tanks, ancient artwork, Hindu kovils, and so much more!

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