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How to keep and take care of cat

Pets Rescuers is about cats. For instance, cat foods, cat diseases, queries about cats, cats facts and more. We have team of expert authors and vets. So, feel free to scroll on Pets Rescuers.

What makes a cat happy? Different games which cats like most

Cats are very unique animals, and you are excited to know what makes a cat happy and stress-free? so there may not be a way to play that will satisfy

How do I adopt a cat for free? What is the easiest way to get a cat? Cats Adoption

In this article, we will explain the cost, method, current situation, etc. of adopting a cat and how to adopt a cat? How do I adopt a cat?

20 best cat breeds to have as a pet| What is the best breed of a cat - Rescuers

If you have these questions in your mind; what is the best cat pet? What is the best cat for the family pet? And what is the most loving cat breed?

Why do Cats Lick Themselves? Why Cats Lick Each Other?

Cats licking themselves are commonly called "grooming" or "grooming".
Here are some things to keep in mind when your cat licks itself.

Can cats eat sweet potatoes? Is it okay to give sweet potatoes to cats? The safe amount and the correct way of giving

Cats want sweet potatoes, but many owners are worried about giving them. Is it okay to give sweet potatoes, which are human food, to cats?

When and why do cats purr? Cat Purr Sound Meaning, Mechanism, and Effect

If you've ever had a cat, you've probably heard the gurgling sound of a cat. The appearance of a cat purring is very cute.

Can Cats See in The Dark? Cats Vision at Night

Does your cat need electricity when you go out or leave it at home? Cats seem to have special kind of eyes that allows them to see in the darK.

What Causes Cat Diarrhea? What are the different kinds of cats diarrhea and What to do when your cat has diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a condition in which the amount of water in the stool increases compared to normal stool due to abnormality in the gastrointestinal tract.

Why cat blinks eyes | Is a cat blinking a sign of affection or love | Cat Eyes Blinkig

A blink that has the meaning of expressing affection and replying. However, depending on how you blink, it may indicate an illness or disease.

How to take Care of a Persian Cat | Persian Cat Features, Diseases, Cure, and Lifespan

This time, we will introduce in detail the characteristics, size, personality, and diseases that Persian cats are prone to, how to keep them.