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6 Must-try Maldives Excursions – Exciting and Entertaining Experiences for Visitors

Holidaymakers will have the chance to undertake several excursions in the Maldives such as a diving outing, snorkelling safari, sunset dolphin cruise, fishing trip, deserted island visit and more.


Diving excursions

There is no doubt that going on a diving excursion would be a marvellous experience in the Maldives; in fact, many travellers visit this destination to engage in this activity amidst the enchanting island waters. Beneath the gleaming waves of the Indian Ocean, you will encounter a magical undersea world with stunning scenery and a host of alluring marine creatures; these include sharks, manta rays, intriguing fish species, turtles and more. If you happen to be a novice in scuba diving, you will have the opportunity to undertake an introductory course in this activity too at a resort dive centre.


Snorkelling safari

Should you be a non-diver you could still experience the undersea marvels of the country by undertaking a snorkelling safari. On such an excursion, you would be able to head out into the expanses of the Indian Ocean on a dhoni, a traditional sailing craft of the Maldives. During your safari, you could visit pristine reefs and admire the multi-coloured corals and other sea creatures. This would be a great way to gain a glimpse into the Maldives' outstanding ocean biodiversity.


Sunset dolphin cruise

Another not-to-be-missed Maldives experience would be a dolphin-watching cruise at the time of sunset. On one of these cruises, you would have the opportunity to explore the ocean expanses and experience the sight of the glorious tropical sunset. Of course, the highlight of this excursion would be the sight of spinner and bottlenose dolphins cavorting in their native habitat. You could also enjoy some fine champagne in the company of your loved one on one of these cruises.


Fishing trip

As you might expect in a tropical island nation, fishing plays an important role in the lifestyle of Maldivians. Therefore, a relaxed excursion on which you could try your hand at fishing in the local manner would be a great experience when here. After the conclusion of your trip, you could also enjoy your catch for dinner prepared skilfully by experienced chefs. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could take a fishing excursion would be The Residence Maldives.


Trip to a deserted island

Undoubtedly, in the Maldives, best places to visit would include a local deserted island where you could be quite alone with that special someone. Naturally, this kind of excursion which some resorts will arrange for you would be a delightfully romantic experience. In addition to enjoying quality time with your beloved, you could spend your visit on the deserted island, snorkelling, reading a good book or simply connecting with nature amidst the picturesque surroundings.


Surfing excursion

Not everybody would know that the Maldives would also be a wonderful environment for surfing. In fact, many surfing enthusiasts take the opportunity to engage in their chosen water sport on these islands. You will find that the Indian Ocean surrounding the country would offer very powerful waves that offer plenty of thrills. The surfing conditions here would be particularly suitable for intermediate to professional-level surfers. Should you happen to be a novice in this activity, you could obtain instruction from expert surfers during your stay in the Maldives.

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