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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Hidden Gem Attractions in Siem Reap – You won’t believe your eyes!

Every year, millions of people travel to Siem Reap in search of a glimpse of the incredible Angkor Wat. However, there is so much more to see and do in this beautiful village beside the peaceful and ornate temples. So be sure to read through to learn about the must-do activities!


Landmines in Cambodia: A Historical Exhibit

Interested in discovering the history of Cambodian art and culture, the effects of landmines on the country, and more? The Cambodian Cultural Village is a must-see and will fill you in on all the details. Each of the fabricated communities here has its own history, traditions, and culture.
The Umbrella Dance and other traditional wedding rites are only two of the many performances that can be seen during the day. More so, you can help underprivileged kids in rural areas get the basics like education, healthy meals, and a safe place to live by donating to organisations like these.


Angkorian Craftsmen

This Siem Reap-based institution is where Cambodian artisans learn the skills necessary to produce authentic, high-quality Cambodian handicrafts in the traditional manner.
Ceramics, silk, wood as well as stone carvings, jewellery, silver plating, and lacquerware are just some of the many types of handicrafts and products that can be found here. You may take a free tour of the workshops and observe first-hand how the artisans make their exquisite wares. You may show your support and take home some stunning keepsakes while also picking up some interesting anecdotes.


Wat Preah Ang Sang Tuk

This ancient Buddhist temple in Siem Reap is conveniently located close to both the river and the Old Market. Various stupas decorate the grounds, each with its own personality, and inside the temple is a vibrant mural depicting the Buddha's life.


The Floating Village

In Siem Reap, a day spent exploring the Tonle Sap River and its floating towns is time well spent. The 250-kilometre-long river that cuts across Cambodia from Siem Reap into Phnom Penh is home to a thriving ecology that provides most of the country's food and shelter. Typical activities during a trip to one of these villages include meeting friendly inhabitants, taking in breathtaking sunsets, and learning about the region's unique culture. You'll develop a more sympathetic attitude toward the natives over time.


Theam's Gallery

Visitors to this incredible exhibition will be able to learn about and appreciate both Theam's artistic output and Cambodian life and culture through a series of themed galleries and pavilions. The gallery's assortment of antiquities and everyday items were hand-picked by the gallery's curator, the enthusiastic and brilliant Cambodian artist LIM Muy Theam.
You may walk to the gallery from the Angkor Wat entrance in about 10 minutes, and it's just 15 minutes to Lub d Siem Reap. After an artistic immersion such as this, be sure to check out the top restaurants in Siem Reap such as the ones found at FCC Angkor to sate your appetite and replenish your mind after satisfying your soul.

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