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Cash Flow Inventory Management | Proven Success

Cash Flow Inventory is an online inventory management system to manage, control, and track inventory activities. Analyze sales data and automatically set reorder points to ensure safety stock for every location and every product based on your preferred conditions including time period and season. Cash Flow Inventory leverage your inventory levels based on customers' demands and minimize the risks of overstocking and understocking.

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Optimization is an essential term for any business. Businesses want more revenues, more profits with less investment, less manpower, and less cost. Cash Flow Inventory honor this attitude and use the advantages of technologies to keep the right levels of stock and ensure the investment in inventory that you need to meet customer demands.

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Reduce the risk of overstocking and understocking; without excess inventory you don't need the excess money to buy, store, warehouse rent, and excess manpower. Everything is optimized and ensures better profit margins with fewer or optimized resources.

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Use the technology and implement modern inventory management rules in your businesses where you can drive your business in the right way like large enterprises. No need to be an expert, no need for so many employees, and no need for too much money. Modern inventory management systems can organize your inventory activities and tasks, so you the operate activities with fewer employees.

Inventory Turnover Ratio | What is? How to Keep a Good Ratio

What is inventory turnover? Inventory turnover is one of the KPIs(Key performance indicator) in terms of inventory management that indicates how quickly businesses sell through its inventory. A high inventory turnover rate refers that after purchases or productions you make sales quickly; your inventory does not hold in the warehouse for a long time. A […]


Cash Flow Inventory | Process Flow

Cash Flow Inventory | Process Flow

As an inventory management system Cash Flow Inventory has the features to manage purchases, sales, and transfers as summarized below:


Purchase order:
Purchase receipt:
Purchase bill:
Purchase payment:


Sales order:
Material issue:
Delivery order:
Payment receipt:


Transfer order:
Transfer issue:
Shipping entry:
Transfer receipt:

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Cash Flow Inventory is an online inventory management and demand forecasting system for SMEs. Offers effective and attractive features to manage inventory and its activities. Cash Flow Inventory makes it easy to track inventory and order status including purchase orders, receipts, packing, shipping, and delivery status. Generates purchase suggestions based on reorder points. Cash Flow Inventory analysis of businesses' sales trends and set reorder points automatically.

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Inventory management software monitors inventory, helping organizations streamline inventory creation and organize order fulfillment operations. These systems help businesses optimize their inventories and improve supply chain efficiency. Advanced inventory management systems provide real-time inventory control and auditing functionalities.