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Quotes for Life

Beautiful and succinct sayings on the things that matter most in life, such as wonderful proverbs about friendship and family, can be found on this list. You can put life into perspective by reading some of the profound and occasionally depressing quotes that are available. We have all the information you need right here, whether you're looking for uplifting quotations to motivate you to keep going, peaceful quotes, or sage advice to get through a major change or transition in your life.

Hiding Depression Quotes

Selective and empowering depression quotes hand picked to help you get through the difficult times.

Spiritual Journey Quotes

A spiritual life is about evolving into a better human being, be it in this lifetime or the next. These spiritual quotes will show you how to elevate yourself and become your best version.

life karma quotes

Karma is a universal causal law that states that every action has a reaction - good or bad. Go through these Karma quotes capturing Ancient and Contemporary Wisdom.

meditation mantras

A vital tool in mantra yoga is mantra meditation, if you hold faith in a deity, the path of mantra yoga will help you progress in meditation. Read more to know about 16 factors for success through Mantra yoga.

Narcissist quotes

In this article, you’ll find a compilation of toxic narcissist quotes. The attempt brings forth those tiny signs of narcissism that happen in daily conversations, conduct, and situations.

These Questions About Life Baffle You?

The Ultimate List Of Questions About Life: Many questions about life still baffle us. Even though we may have some answers, there are always more questions to ask.

Rumi quotes

Rumi Quotes That Will Light Up Your Heart and Soul!

25 Meditation Quotes for Clarity of Mind -

Hand-picked meditation quotes to save in your meditation journal.
“The act of controlling the mind is concentration. The art of maintaining such control is meditation.”

Discover the Purpose of Life With Three Golden Questions

Care about something and be passionate about it! That’s the purpose of life. Here are three simple questions for a fulfilling life and five tips to find your passion.

Truth of life

If you really want to live your life and make the most of it, begin with the premise that life can be deeply confusing and even unfair at times. Bad things,

Depression Death Quotes

Selective and empowering depression quotes hand picked to help you get through the difficult times.

Places of worship

Calling Out The Spiritually Inclined – Know about some fascinating information about places of worship from the different cultures of the world.

How to forget someone you love

One of the often asked questions is — how can I forget someone I love completely. How do I move on? The answer lies in three simple words.

Truth of life quotes

Discover quotes and life lessons that provide insight into the truth of life, its complexities, and the reality of life's journey. These truth of life quotes are carefully selected for contemplation