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What to eat in Perth? A breakdown of what you need to have on your plate

The Western Australian capital of Perth comes complete with traditional takes on Aussie cuisine as well as international favourites that will make you salivate at the end. Here is a sneak peek.


Rock Lobster

The Western rock lobster is without a doubt the most sought-after variant of seafood in the State of Western Australia. Added to this is the fact that Perth's location is near the Indian Ocean and thus, diners and foodies alike will be able to indulge in many delightful dishes from the deep such as rock lobster. Although, not the cheapest with average prices hovering around USD 40 for one whole lobster, eateries such as Joe's Fish Shack located at the Fremantle fishing boat harbour and Belmont's The Cray would serve as your 'go-to' places for flavoursome rock lobster coupled with a dressing of fresh tomatoes and salad.


Meat Pie

Your culinary adventure in Perth would be incomplete if you miss out on some meat pie which is very much the 'heart and soul' of Australia. When touring within Perth, you will discover that the city's most traversed eateries cook up quite the storm indeed with various versions afforded to pacify all palates. Whether you opt for Tuck Shop Café in Northbridge or are based at Pan Pacific Perth which features some of the top restaurants Perth represents, you are in for an unforgettable treat. Pick and choose from chicken, mashed potato, and bacon to the often resorted beef and pastry.


Nasi Lemak

From a geographical point of view, Perth is far closer to Kuala Lumpur than it is to Sydney. Therefore, it isn't rare to find wholesome and appetizing Malaysian dishes throughout the State with Nasi Lemak coming off as one of the more popular choices. Served on a banana leaf, Nasi Lemak is made of coconut rice accompanied by a spicy sambal sauce and anchovies. However, the dish is noted for its creative spins that include a boiled egg, peanuts and fresh cucumber that combine in enhancing flavour levels in more ways than one. In terms of where to go for some tasty Nasi Lemak, look no further than Northbridge's Old Lane Street Eats.



On the back of the State's long relationship with sheep farming, it is easy to understand why lamb is considered part and parcel of cuisine in Western Australia. Furthermore, lamb is prepared and partaken of in different ways with numerous restaurants paying tribute to this obsession in their own unique manner. For instance, if you dine at Fluffy Lamb then be sure to savour the fine flavours and heritage of the Indonesian islands on your charcoal-grilled lamb. On the flip side, Hey Griller is known for serving juicy burgers, chargrilled lamb shanks and lamb skewers to the discerning diner.


Sourdough Bread

Perth is scattered with artisan bakeries and inviting cafes to check out that make the most of local wheat across its creations. In fact, sourdough bread is a common sight and for the benefit of those of you who make no compromise when it comes to breakfast, the city presents a lengthy list of options to choose from. As an example, Organic in the region of Subiaco ought to be made a note of if you see yourself munching on baguettes while Highgate's Chu Bakery affords ease of access to all things revolving around fresh toast and sweet treats.