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#FitSocial Blog Posts

A collection of #FitSocial blog posts from attendees at the 2013 Fitness & Health Social Media Conference
What psychology has to do with #fitsocial conference | Your Mind Your Body

What's a blog written primarily by psychologists doing at a fitness conference? The answer is right there in this blog's name: Your mind, your body. Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Healthy bodies need healthy minds.

Getting a Workout at the FitSocial Conference '13

Among the most popular activities at fitness and blogging conferences are the exercise classes. They're a chance to try something new and get a workout in, but I've typically seen conferences as a chance to recover a bit from my own workouts.

FitSocial 2103 Conference offers free Local Trade Day

Posted on 26. Aug, 2013 by BoulderRunner in Conference The FitSocial 2013 Conference - Blogging and Social Media for the Fitness and Health Industries, is offering three levels of participation, including a Free Local Trade Day on Friday, September 27th.

Learn and Connect at the FitSocial Conference

I 'm getting excited about theFitSocial Conference - a social media and fitness/nutrition event held here in Boulder and Denver. If you don't live here it's an excellent opportunity to get a little taste of Colorado, meet people in your field, and optimize your blog.

I'm Headed to FitSocial

Coming off the high from FitBloggin I couldn't help but wonder if ALL social media/fitness conferences were just as much fun? Sure I could have waited until FitBloggin 2014 and not taken a risk, but I didn't want to wait another year to be "in the zone" and I was especially fearful I might not be able to afford the next location!

FitSocial Conference: A Perfect Choice for Those Who Love Fitness and Social Media

If you're a fitness professional or enthusiast, and you use (or plan to use) social media, you will want to attend the FitSocial 2013 Conference Sep. 26-29 in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. You do NOT have to be a current blogger. You do NOT have to be a certified fitness pro.

Countdown is on...FitSocial, here I come! :)

Posted by traceycenglish on September 23, 2013 at 1:05 PM Hey all - This Wednesday, I'm headed to the FitSocial Conference in Boulder & Denver, Colorado. I've been looking forward to this conference for months now and IT'S HERE!

My top 5 reasons for attending FitSocial 2013 | Spot On Wellness

This week, I am going to be going to Boulder, Co for a Fitness & Wellness Social Media Conference. So... what are my top 5 reasons why I (cannot wait to) attend FitSocial again this year? 1) I get to go travel on a fun "vacation" to Colorado! I mean...

Fitsocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference | The Get Fit Diva

The Fitness and Health Social Media Conference offers more scientific content related to fitness, health and social media. My inner brainiac DIGS this. #FitSocial also stresses attendees will be “educated, inspired, and [to] grow your online influence”. Sold and sold!

I'm Heading To The FitSocial 2013 Conference!

Blogging And Social Media For Fitness And Health Communities I can't wait to get to Boulder to see these mountains and learn the latest trends in fitness and social media at the FitSocial conference.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Health and a #FitSocial Prize Pack Giveaway!

If you kept up with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over the weekend, you know I had a crazy good time in Colorado at the #FitSocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference. While I was there I learned a lot about blogging, ate a lot of good food, and best of all, made some truly lovely new fit-blogging friends. Keep on reading to hear about all of the fun I had and keep your eyes peeled for the top three healthy lifestyle tips I learned while at the conference and my #FitSocial Prize Pack Giveaway at the end of the post.

Fitness & Health Social Media Conference 2013

I am getting very excited to hop aboard a plane tomorrow to head to Boulder and Denver Colorado for the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference. I attended the conference last year when I was still relatively new to the blogging world not really sure what I was getting into.

Review: Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference

Hey, what do you know... I wrote a timely review of the conference when it was done. Here is my #FHBC12 wrap-up. It is resource-heavy so please do check it out especially about the regional librarians we all have access to.

Get Fit And Get Real About Sharing Your Passion With The World ... FitSocial 2013

This Friday I'll be heading to the Fit Social Conference in Boulder, CO where some of the most influential bloggers will be attending to network, mingle, try some great new products and work out options, learn more about the philosophies of the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center and how to positively promote a healthy lifestyle thereby minimizing the challenges we have with obesity in the U.S.

FitSocial Recipe: Asian-Styled Quinoa Salad

Sharing details of our nutrition-focused final day at FitSocial, including a fantastic recipe for Asian-Styled Quinoa

Fitsocial: Making the Decision to Attend

Check out my first impressions of FitSocial, including some of my favorite sponsors!

Dr. Hill - Obesity, health & Physical Fitness

Today at the FitSocial Conference, we had the privilege of hearing Dr. James O. Hill speak about topics we are very passionate about - obesity, health, and physical fitness (any some others). Dr. Hill is the Executive Director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and is the co-author of State of Slim.

Denise McGuire - Making Lifestyle Changes

During our second day of the FitSocial Conference we heard an amazing lecture from Denise McGuire, PHD. Dr. McGuire is a clinical psychologist at the Anschutz Medical Center who helps many patients overcome many concerns, including weight and body image challenges. The discussion was about lifestyle change and some of the milestones, challenges, and tips for successful change.

Top Tips For Fitness Blogging From FitSocial

Two weekends ago I attended the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference (FitSocial) in Colorado. Now that I've shared about the pre-conference hike up Mount Sanitas and my own pre-dawn runs in Boulder, it is time to share some of what I learned at the conference.

Friday Roundup: Move More, Eat Smarter for Faster Metabolism

Last weekend at the FitSocial Conference I was fascinated by the discussions of metabolic flexibility, primarily in the context of losing weight and keeping it off. Having a faster metabolism is a direct result of moving more and eating smarter (among other things), and believe me, it's worth it to get your metabolism humming.

Fitsocial Fitness and Health Social Media Conference | The Get Fit Diva

This past weekend, I attended the Fitness and Health Social Media Conference in Boulder and Denver. I left satiated, inspired, and determined that my healthier living journey will only get better!

HIIT with Chris Freytag

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a high intensity interval training class with Chris Freytag of ACE Fitness, during the Fitness and Health Social Media conference in Colorado. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, alternates short to moderate bouts of high intensity exercise with brief periods of recovery consisting of low-intensity movement or rest.

How to Use the Six Stages of Behavioral Change

We've all had to make big changes in our lives, but sometimes we just get stuck. We may think about changing but can't take action, or we've tried to change but it never sticks. Why does this happen and what can we do?

Trying Tabata Spinning And Pound Fitness | Running With Perseverance

One thing I love about fitness blogging conferences is that they usually have several workout sessions on the program, and often have exercise classes that I haven't tried before. FitSocial was no exception. In addition to the pre-conference hike up Mount Sanitas, there was at least one exercise class each day.

Why Do You Exercise? Is Looking Good Enough?

"The ultimate goal of working out is to be happy and healthy." So opened fitness celebrity, Tony Horton of P90X fame at the FitBlogLA Meet and Tweet event I just attended courtesy of Fitness Magazine. When Tony followed up that comment by reminding us that "one size exercise program does not fit all," I started to trust his message a bit more.