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221Blog:Questioning The Canon
  1. Who was Beddoes and what did Trevor senior's papers say about the "Gloria Scott? 30. Who was James Armitage? 31. What had Armitage done? 32. Where was the Gloria Scott heading? 33. Who was Jack Prendergast? What was his crime? 34. Who was Jack's confederate on the ship? 35.
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In the Italian comic book Martin Mystère and spin-off series Storie di Altrove/Stories from Elsewhere Holmes is a historical character. In late 1880s he worked on the case of Jack the Ripper and met professor Richard Van Helsing, a vampire who destroyed Count Dracula.

Always 1895 is run by Matt Laffey "You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles." (BOSC)

Amazon Drygoods - Your Historic Clothing Resource!

In business for 30 years, Amazon Drygoods offers historic clothing patterns, shoes, books, collars and much more for all of your history related apparel needs.

BBC Sherlock - Fan Forum

Fan Forum for BBC Sherlock

Beneath Gray Skies

I had a great time talking about Sherlock Ferret and the Missing Necklace with Dave Cleinman on BlogTalk Radio yesterday. We had two callers: Nickie Story-Bailey, who's a fellow Bean at Inknbeans Press, and the Boss Bean herself, who called in and said nice things about me.

Conan Doyle Estate Ltd

Conan Doyle Estate Ltd is owned by the Arthur Conan Doyle family. We manage the literary, merchandising, and advertising rights in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works and characters, including Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Professor Challenger. We can also provide our unique seal of approval for new projects.

Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thrillers, and Suspense Blog

Written by Oline Cogdill Here are the awards presented during the Bouchercon 2013 weekend. Congratulations to all the winners as well as to the nominees. In each category, competition was stiff.


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I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

The definitive site for news and information about Sherlock Holmes and popular culture.

Inspector Lestrade's Blotter Page

On Friday we met at Masala's, an Indian restaurant that amazingly had enough room to host a small army. I am glad that mere mortals have not discovered Indian food. We were joined by Tony Lee, or more correctly we joined Tony because it was his restaurant of choice.

Laurie R. King: Mystery Writer

It's Paris, 1929. Hemingway, Dali, Man Ray, and the ever-thirsty Kiki of Montparnasse sit around a table on the Dome Cafe terrace, discussing a project for the enigmatic and vastly wealthy Comte de Charmentier.

No Place Like Holmes

Official website for the Sherlock Holmes Web Drama/Comedy Series ''

Northwest Passages

Things have been . . . busy here. Nothing unusual in that; but things are more than usually busy right now, and I'll be glad when the end of July comes and things stabilise. A bit. I hope.

"Not Yet Published"

From 1887 until the very last stories, published in 1927, just three years before his death in 1930, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle delighted the world with the exploits of his master detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his friend, colleague and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson. Dozens, hundreds, of films, radio-episodes, TV series and episodes have been...

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Books on LibraryThing tagged shaw 100, Shaw 100.

Sherlock Forum - The UK community for fans of Sherlock

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Sherlock Holmes News

May 4, 1891: My Dear Watson, I write these few lines through the courtesy of Mr. Moriarty, who awaits my convenience for the final discussion of those questions which lie between us. He has been giving me a sketch of the methods by which he avoided the English police and kept himself informed of our movements.

Sherlock Holmes on the Web: the Sherlockian.Net Holmepage

In bed with Sherlock Holmes! The photo is part of an advertising campaign for Israel's Steimatzky Books. Other bed illustrations feature Pippi Longstocking, Don Quixote, and Stalin.

Sherlockian Resources on the Internet: A Survey - by John Bergquist, BSI

A survey and review of Web sites and other Internet resources related to Sherlock Holmes, compiled by John Bergquist, BSI of the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota. Contains many useful links to Sherlockian resources online.

Sherlock Peoria

The ongoing investigation of Sherlock Holmes, reported from the Peoria, Illinois outpost of Baker Street's dirtiest half a dozen.

Sidney Paget Original Sherlock Holmes Drawings & Artwork: Census by Randall Stock

Census of Sidney Paget original Sherlock Holmes drawings, other illustrations, and paintings with descriptions, provenance, locations and bibliography notes.