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What to Put in Your Suitcase When Travelling to Oman - 10 essentials to carry with you!

If you are travelling to Oman, you are in for the thrill of a lifetime. Little do travellers realise that Oman is the ideal place for desert adventures and hikes, with sinkholes and breathtaking mountain treks. Here is a checklist to get you travel-ready to explore Oman!


Important documents

Make sure that you have all your documentation ready with hard and soft copies of all the important papers. These include photocopies of your passport bio page, visa stamps, plane tickets, hotel accommodation reservations, addresses, PCR tests etc. The likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort are among the excellent choices of accommodation available for travellers to Oman.


Travel necessities

Don't forget to pack your phone and charger, along with a universal travel adapter. Other items that you shouldn't forget are your favourite travel accessories including a sleep mask, neck pillow, an empty bottle of water for refills, disposable masks, ear plugs, snack bars and a small travel-sized face and hand towel.



You should also pack hand sanitisers, disposable wet wipes, tissues, face shields, and plenty of masks to limit exposure to infectious agents while on the plane and once you get there.



Ladies will have to keep their arms and legs covered at all times while in public. So, pack adequate lightweight loose cotton shirts, blouses, and kaftans, which are all great options. Skirts should be long and fall below the knee, and so should all dresses. Although not essential, a shawl would be ideal to cover your hair in more conservative places like mosques. Stick to baggy trousers because you won't be able to wear any tight jeans or leggings.
Men should refrain from wearing tight shorts and cropped t-shirts that reveal the body. Pack sufficient cotton shirts, t-shirts and comfortable long trousers and shorts that fall below the knees.


Swim attire

One-piece swimming suits and bikinis are not acceptable in public spaces like pools and beaches. Usually, women will wear a loose t-shirt and knee-length shorts. In sinkholes (wadis), it is less strict; and you may chance upon foreign women wearing their swimsuits. Men can generally swim bare-chested, although, in some locations, men will also be asked to cover up with a t-shirt. Stick to boxer shorts instead of speedos or overly short "shorts". One of the best things to do in Nizwa is to visit some of the wadis, so go prepared!



Pack a good pair of sandals when visiting mosques and a comfortable pair of walking shoes for treks and desert hikes. Also, pack some nice shoes that you can wear when heading out to a nice restaurant.



Pack your camera along with extra batteries for the phone, laptop, tablet, drone or kindle if needed. Limit your electronic devices unless you are on a business trip to enjoy your holiday undistracted.


First-aid kit

Don't forget to pack the prescription medicine that you are taking with their labels and prescription notes. It would also be prudent to pack painkillers like Paracetamol, bandages, plasters, disinfectants, mosquito-bug repellents, anti-diarrhoea medication, and cold and sore throat lozenges.


Sun protection

Caps, wide-brim hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a small travel umbrella will all be useful. In the summer, the heat is unforgiving - so make sure that you are adequately prepared if travelling during this time.