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Headline for 5 Nature Attractions in Mozambique - Relish the untamed natural beauty of Southeast Africa!
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5 Nature Attractions in Mozambique - Relish the untamed natural beauty of Southeast Africa!

Mozambique opens up to the Indian Ocean in the east, while bordering other African nations like Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, and South Africa. The country is known for its amazing beaches, coral reefs, and wildlife, ideal for lovers of all things natural.


Quirimbas Archipelago

A majority of the islands in the archipelago remain uninhabited. A 250-kilometre stretch of coral islands surrounds the islands, making it ideal for snorkelling. The waters surrounding the group of islands are home to rare and exotic lionfish, and you may chance upon it lurking in the coral beds! A visit to the exquisite island of Vamizi is also a must! You can also explore Ibo Island, which is covered in mangroves and dates back to Portuguese colonial times. Apart from its sun-kissed, isolated beaches, many conservation projects in East Africa take place here.


The Bazaruto archipelago

With six islands in all, the archipelago lies within Bazaruto National Park. A visit to the Santa Carolina Islands in the archipelago is among the best things to do in Mozambique as it protects rare marine life, such as the threatened dugongs. The warm waters surrounding the islands have 12 miles of reef that is perfect for snorkelling. Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort is among the top accommodation options available in the archipelago.


Nuarrro Bay

With its exquisite coral life, it is every snorkeler's dream destination and it's just a short swim away from the beach. Enupa Reef is an easy and relaxing location for snorkelling, and only 100 metres away from the coastline. The coral beds have a depth of 4 to 12 metres and form a part of the Nuarro Marine Reserve. Fish Alley is also in Nuarro Bay, which can be accessed via boat. Here too you will find the ideal conditions for snorkelling and diving, a great spot for newbies and seasoned snorkelers. Even the shallowest part of the bay is teeming with coral life, and further into the reef, you can find garden eels, ribbon eels, cowries, mullets, puffer fish, sand perches, lyretail, saddle-back hogfish, Indian and African sand wrasse.


Limpopo National Park

The Shingwedzi River flows through the very heart of Limpopo National Park and is home to all kinds of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Its grounds are massive, with 1 million hectares adjoining South Africa's Kruger National Park. There are four campsites, with an overland site and luxury tent facilities. Activities include walking tours, hiking trails, canoeing, and a 4×4 safari trail. Many game animals, including most of the big five, live within these park grounds!


Gorongosa National Park

A locally guided safari tour is the best way to explore this National Park, and it is your best chance to encounter the big 5. The park is also home to sable antelope, impala, and duiker- a type of wild dog, waterbuck, reedbuck, bushbuck, eland and kudu. According to ongoing research, the park may harbour undiscovered species, so be on the watch out! Other things to do at Gorongosa National Park include a boat safari tour or a Canoe safari across Lake Urema to witness crocodiles and hippos!