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5 Must-Visit Places in Mozambique – Travel deep into the heart of Mozambique

Mozambique, the Southern African country, is a traveller's delight! Boasting stunning beaches and marine parks, the country's lengthy stretch of coastline opens up to the Indian Ocean. Several archipelagos like Quirimbas and Bazaruto have over 250km expanse of corals.


Quirimbas Islands

This collection of islands on the Indian Ocean is found north of Maputo and has pristine coral reefs and gets visited by numerous marine creatures like the super rare dugongs, whales and dolphins. Apart from that, there are ruins of Portuguese-era forts, stunning beaches, mangrove islands and loads of popular diving sites. The archipelago is a collection of 32 islets – the chief islands include Vamizi, Matemo, Ibo, and Quisiva.


Bazaruto National Park

Located in the Inhambane Province, Bazaruto Archipelago National Park is a conservation site in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The area was claimed as a protected site in 1971. Found offshore near Inhassoro and Vilanculos districts, it covers an extensive area of the ocean while containing five islands altogether. Organisations found within the archipelago patrol the seas to safeguard the remaining 250 dugongs living in the Indian Ocean, particularly on Santa Carolina Island. Also called the sea cow, dugongs belong to the last living species of the once-varied family Dugongidae. Its nearest relative was the 18th-century Stellar's sea cow, which got hunted down to extinction. Bazaruto is a haven for snorkelers, with the islands having over 12 miles of reef to explore. The likes of Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort are among the top Mozambique holiday resorts to stay in and discover the islands.


Macuti Lighthouse and Shipwreck

If you are in Beira, go to Macuti Beach to see this unusual sight of a shipwreck in front of an old abandoned lighthouse. The Macuti lighthouse was built in 1904 but has been in bad shape for the last two decades. During high tide, you can see a few of the rusted bulkheads rising over the beakers; however, during low tide, after 11 pm, one can walk right up to the wreck. Try to visit either during sunrise or sunset as these times give off an unearthly and surreal glow to the place. On weekends, in particular, this beach becomes a popular hangout spot for the locals. There are many nice-looking bars for you to get a drink and take in the beautiful atmosphere as well.


Ilha de Mocambique

Also called the Island of Mozambique, Ilha de Mocambique was the ancient capital of Mozambique! The island town was built on stone during Portuguese occupation and can only be accessed via a bridge, which is two miles in length. The walls of this ancient city span many centuries and hold tales of the slave trade, spice routes and pirates. Wander around the city at sundown and explore its many winding streets and small shops, while the call to prayer in Swahili reverberates from the minarets across the city.


Maputo Elephant Reserve

Found in the capital, Maputo, tours of this site can be booked before visiting the place. The reserve is occupied by a variety of animals apart from elephants including zebras, crocodiles, hippopotami, giraffes, and numerous other African wildlife. There are several beautiful lakes within its territory, yielding many beautiful landscapes rich in fauna and flora.