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Updated by Paybooks Blog on Nov 22, 2022
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What are some common causes of frustration?

Going forward, we will explore some key causes of frustration and how the organization can handle them.



Poor onboarding strategies

Onboarding strategies are crucial to make the new joinee feel at ease in the workplace. It also defines his roles and responsibilities, to whom he should report, etc. Lack of proper onboarding can leave the employee clueless and lose a lot of productive time. This can increase frustration.


Rigid management

In many companies, top management does not effectively communicate with the employees. So there is no proper communication of business goals and the role of employees. This leads to frustrated employees as they feel they are excluded.


Resistance to change

Many workplaces are monotonous. They do not welcome the creative juices flowing from their significant asset, the employees. This can upset the employees as they are the ones who know that a change can bring about productivity improvement.


Leaders not being objective

Partiality at the workplace is the biggest bane. It hits the employee’s interest in working. It so happens that to manage the timely completion of a project, a particular employee is overloaded. They take the extra load that their unproductive co-workers weren’t able to complete on time.


Politics at workplace

There is no office without any politics. It is very common and can spoil the relationship between a worker and a manager. It spreads negativity and can cause frustration in the employee who is directly affected.


Lack of incentives

Apart from the monetary compensation, employees also expect some incentives. These may be gifts, paid holidays, flexible working hours, rewards, etc. This also leads to frustration and restricts the employees from doing their best.


Lack of recognition

Employees not only work for a salary but need recognition for the effort they put in. A pat on the back can go a long way in influencing the morale of the employee. If such a work environment is not present, it can lead to resentment.