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Headline for The Best Tourist Attractions in Iloilo – Absorbing Highlights for the Visitor
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The Best Tourist Attractions in Iloilo – Absorbing Highlights for the Visitor

If you happen to visit Iloilo in the Philippines, you will encounter an array of engrossing tourist attractions, like the Gigantes Islands, Molo Church, Jaro Cathedral, Smallville Complex and more.


Gigantes Islands

Nature lovers and sightseers will be enthralled by the picturesque Gigantes Islands where you will have the opportunity to explore secluded lagoons and caves, spend time on the beaches and enjoy delicious seafood meals. One of the attractions here would be Cabugao Gamay Island which happens to be renowned for its loveliness and unusual shape. Other local highlights would include Bantigue Island, Antonia Beach and Tinagong Dagat. You will also enjoy exploring the intriguing Pawikan Cave.


Molo Church

A noteworthy sightseeing attraction in Iloilo would be the striking Molo Church which happens to be an absorbing religious attraction that will draw the interest of the discerning visitor. Interestingly, this Catholic place of worship also features statues of the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon. You will see that this church's external walls are composed of coral rock. Also of note is that this place of worship is referred to as a 'female church' due to the saints featured here.


Jaro Cathedral

Another noteworthy tourist highlight that you will find in Iloilo would be the distinctive Jaro Cathedral which is regarded as an important historical site. In fact, this cathedral happens to be counted amongst the oldest churches in Iloilo, inheriting a rich and eventful heritage. This place of worship was actually demolished by an earthquake in 1948, after which it happened to be reconstructed in 1956. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could easily visit this cathedral would be Citadines Amigo Iloilo where you could stay at an appealingly located apartment in Iloilo City.


Smallville Complex

If you happen to be looking to experience some nightlife, the place to go would be the Smallville Complex. You will find that Smallville is considered Iloilo City's nightlife hub, featuring an array of entertainment and dining options that would appeal to tourists as well as locals. Here, you will encounter a fine collection of bars and restaurants offering international, local, and fusion cuisine. At Smallville, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink, indulge in clubbing and take in live musical performances as well.


Molo Mansion

A well-known sightseeing attraction in Iloilo would be Molo Mansion, a handsome edifice that was once the possession of a wealthy aristocratic local family. You will see that this mansion has been beautifully restored, presenting a fine sight featuring elegant colonial-period Filipino architecture. You will also find several stores here offering fine quality clothing and souvenirs that would appeal to foreign visitors. You could enjoy typical local dishes at the Molo Mansion Café too.


Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood Restaurant

If your sightseeing attractions in Iloilo have given you an appetite, there would be no reason to worry as you could enjoy a delicious meal at Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood Restaurant. A highlight here would be the roasted chicken (lechon manok) which would be delectably marinated and tasty. You could also savour a selection of outstanding seafood dishes, including butter-cooked scallops, grilled fish, stuffed squid and so on. You may also enjoy a variety of refreshing fresh juices at this restaurant.