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Top Tips for Women Visiting Tokyo – Make the Most of a Captivating City

There would be several considerations that women travelling to Tokyo should be aware of to help them enjoy a truly unforgettable experience such as the insights below that will come in handy.


Be reasonably careful

Although Japan is generally considered to be a very safe environment for travellers, women should still exercise reasonable caution during their visit here. For instance, they should lock doors, keep an eye on their bags and drinks, avoid walking alone at night, and so on. When travelling by train, keep in mind that women-only carriages are also available in destinations like Tokyo for the use of females.


Exhibit good behaviour

There would be several behavioural norms that women should follow in Japan to make a favourable impression on locals. A simple bow with a smile would indicate your gratitude even if you forget how to say an informal 'thank you' – 'arigatou'. You should generally avoid making physical contact with people and say 'sumimasen' if you need to apologize or excuse yourself. If invited to a Japanese home, it would be polite to take a nicely wrapped gift as well.


Be a model guest

Naturally, women visiting Japan should try to be good guests in this charming country. Accordingly, you should take care to remove shoes when you enter a Japanese home and take off indoor slippers if you enter a tatami mat room. You should also strive to maintain low noise levels, particularly as walls in Japan could be narrower than back home. You should request permission before taking photos of anyone, and you may additionally follow the Japanese tradition of sorting garbage into six categories.


Select the time to visit

The best time to visit Tokyo would depend on your priorities. Naturally, winter would be the coldest season, but you could take advantage of winter sales at shops. Meanwhile, spring would offer delightful weather, but attractions could be rather crowded at this time of the year. On the other hand, summer would be warm and rainy, yet colourful; many festivals are conducted during this season too. Finally, autumn would present an entrancing sight with the leaves changing colour.



You will find that it would be possible to use online resources to identify where your desired variety of cuisine is available in Tokyo. Visitors will be able to dine affordably whilst in this city, with moderately priced Japanese restaurant chains including Katsuya (specializing in tonkatsu), Yoshinoya (focusing on gyudon), Sushizanmai (centred around sushi) and Saizeriya (Western foods). An accommodation choice to consider at which you could base yourself as you experience Tokyo's dining options would be Somerset Ginza East Tokyo which offers accessibly located and safe holiday apartments in Tokyo for all travellers.


Purchasing essentials

You will find that innumerable convenience stores could be found in the city of Tokyo; in fact, you would encounter Family Mart, 7-Eleven and Lawson stores at practically every corner. Open at all hours, these stores would offer an amazing selection of products as well as services. They will even feature ATMs where you could obtain Japanese yen. On the other hand, for beauty and personal hygiene products, the place to go would be Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores.