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Updated by Sunil Maulik on Sep 06, 2022
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Top 10 CoffeeHouses in SF Bay Area

A list of best coffee houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. From snobbish to low key...

Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee Bar & Roastery in SOMA San Francisco. Wholesale & Retail coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee (@Mint)

I had to list this one or I'd be crucified by the SF coffee-nazis...(ok, it is a damn fine cup of coffee - micro-roasting anyone?)

Philz Coffee

24th St. at Folsom. Their speciality is custom blends from all over the world. Pretty strong coffee compared to other coffee houses. Skip the Espresso and go for their drips with cream and sugar.

Cafe Borrone

Great coffee, awesome people-watching, hot waitresses, over-priced food, live music, bookstore next door. What more could you want?

Ritual Coffee Roasters

"dude, stop staring over your laptop and try talking to her instead." Oh yeah, the coffee ain't bad, either.

Cafe Epi

You are a Coupa snob, or a "Europeen" who only hangs out at del Doge (you know who you are...); but you (yes you!) are missing out on the best coffee in Shalo Alto - Cafe Epi! Each cup is individually pressed, and the ambient/lounge music almost convinces you that you have parachuted into Milan in Spring...

Shoreline Cafe

Does this place have the best coffee? Nope. Great desserts? Not really. Friendly service? Not so much. There is only one reason for putting this on the top 5 list - water views plus a refreshing breeze whipping off the garbage tip ( course). Oh ya, and the free google wifi (thanks google, now stop snooping on what I'm typing right this minute!)

Dolores Park Cafe

Great Sunday brunch, everyone tries really hard to be more low-key than their neighbor (even though secretly they're all Noe Valley multimillionaires), and people are embarrassed if they're not seen reading at least 'The Economist'. The largely lesbian waitstaff are largely friendly. And there's a really cool park right across the street.

Davenport Roadhouse

The best ocean view - ever. (Yup, it's a restaurant and hotel, too).


Los Osos Cafe, Los Gatos

Los Osos Cafe, Los Gatos

Nestled in the South Bay's most scenic (and wealthy) enclave, enjoy great coffee with the hummer-driving, 90210, 'mean girls' set. Just like Lugano or Como, except without the Russian mafia...


Arlequin Cafe, Hayes Valley

Arlequin Cafe, Hayes Valley

Excellent find in Hayes Valley with hidden garden in rear. Baked goods done the French way (thank goodness.)

Crossroads Cafe

A hidden gem. Sunny garden, integrated bookstore, extremely polite (though muscular and impressively tattooed) waitstaff, and affordable and tasty food. (Lacks wi-fi, however). Also, you are supporting a great cause.

The Grove

You can't leave this place without getting at least one set of digits - need I say more?

San Francisco Coffee

San Francisco Coffee is Fresh Roasted and Delivered