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Building Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction Skills

This list contains resources to use when teaching Kindergarteners how to add and subtract. In order to develop good addition and subtraction skills, Kindergarteners must have strong number sense. Therefore, I have included resources that relate to number sense as well.

Baby Learns Numbers

You will learn the name of numbers and what they look like.

Numbers 1 to 5 Count the Fruit Numbers 1 to 5 Stories for kids

You will learn to count by using fruit.

Counting Numbers 0 to 5 / Spaceship Counting Fun / Number Counting

This fun video will help you count sets of up to five objects. It will also teach you the number words.

Grade K: Counting Numbers 0 to 10 - Yamie Chess Math Lessons

You will learn to count up to ten objects.

Count from 1-20!

Now that you have learned to count up to ten objects, you will learn how to count up to twenty objects.

Learn to Write Numbers | Preschool Number Writing Game

Even though you now know how to recognize a number and count objects to show the amount, you still need to be able to write the number of an amount you counted. This video will help you write numbers.

Numbers Help Me Count (Counting from 1-20 for kids!)- Mark D. Pencil

This video tells you why numbers are important.

Numbers in the Teens (Have a group of TEN!) (Place-value song for kids)

This video will talk to you about the teen numbers and will teach you about the value of each number.

Number Sense

This video will teach you different ways to show the same number.

Add 'Em Up (counting/addition song for kids)

This video will show you how to add or put together objects.

Adding For Toddlers, Pre-School and Kindergarten Children

You will add or put together sets of animals.

Addition Lesson 1

This video will also help you add, but it will show you how your fingers can help you.

Adding numbers for children | Addition | Add numbers to 10 | Kindergarten video playlist

This video shows you how to use pictures to add two numbers together. Using your fingers, numbers, and pictures are strategies or ways to help us add.

Basic Subtraction Math Lesson - Learn to Subtract

This video will teach you how to subtract using numbers and pictures as a strategy or way to help solve.

Kids Learn How To Subtract - earlylearning math4kids cartoon

This video will also teach you to subtract, but uses cookies to help you learn how.

Adding and Subtracting Song- (Add means put together... Subtract means take away!)

Sometimes we are not sure when to add or subtract. This video will help us know when to add or subtract.

The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance (song by Jack Hartmann)

We will use body parts to practice adding and subtracting.

Intro to Addition & Subtraction, 1's Facts,

This math magician will use magic apples to show you how to add and subtract.